Todd Morgan – 100 Games – a True Saint to the Core

Todd Morgan – 100 Games – a True Saint to the Core

Some people go through life and are able to make a difference, either in their personal life or work life or even on a sporting field, in the case of Todd Morgan, he is able to do it in all the above.

Todd first came to our club back in 2008, when he switched from the Under 18’s at Lilydale to come and join mates in our Colts side.

Todd soon became a cult hero at the club, with our Saints faithful and players with his tuff as nails approach and attack at the ball, with a very similar ‘See ball, get ball’ attitude as Jack Whelan.

In his first year at the Saints, Todd played 17 games including the Grand Final, unfortunately going down to Mulgrave.

The following year in 2009, Todd was named as Co-captain of the 18’s due to his leadership quality’s he displayed in the off season as well as his leadership he provided the previous year. Toddy played the first 8 games in the Colts before being promoted and making his Senior debut in RD9 against Nunawading. Todd played 3 games in the seniors before going back to the Colts in RD12,eventually taking the boys to the flag, in the Division 3 Premiership against Mitcham, with an easy win 12.9.81 to 3.10.28. In his two years in the 18’s, Todd played 31 Games, kicked 33 Goals and was named in the best on 7 occasions.

For the next 3 seasons between 2010 – 2012 under Moyley in the seniors, Todd played 47 games, moving between the 1’s & 2’s, for 41 goals and named in the best on 15 occasions. It was a tuff period for those 3 years as the seniors were currently in a very dominate period, with a load of players fighting for the same position.

At the end of the 2012, Todd made the move to Mount Evelyn but after 3 years playing seniors there, Toddy made the move back to Quambee in 2016, to once again play with his mates.

For the next three seasons, Todd played another 49 games Senior games, moving between the sides as was the case before going to Mount Evelyn, booting another 21 goals & racking up another 10 BOG’s to add to his total.

At seasons end in 2018, Todd made the move to Scoresby, to once again further his senior career. Todd’s leadership, talent & mate ship has been deeply missed in his absence over the last 4 years and to have this quality of a young man back at our club in 2023 after making a promise to good mate, Aaron Fenton to come back to the Saints, where his Senior career all started was just such welcoming news to our Saints faithful.

It is not just Todd’s footy skill and leadership quality on the field that we are excited about, it is also what he can also offer our young group off the field, in the way of advice, mate ship and a shoulder to lean on if needed, with what Todd does for a profession.

I asked Todd what made he come back to the Saints apart from his promise to Azz and his response is why this young man is just a quality human. In his own words, Todd replied, ‘I just wanted to come back to the Saints, as it feels like home and being around family. Being at the Saints holds a close place in my heart and everything the club has done, especially after the loss of our good mate, Doddy and how the whole community got around each other. There is no place like North Ringwood and I should know. I’ve been to over 500 sporting clubs with the work I do.’

These words from Todd are just beautiful and as a club we should be proud that this is how people do see us and shows that success is not always Silverware in the trophy cabinet. For those who aren’t aware, Todd has taken personal tragedy, losing a couple of good mates to
suicide and has put that to forging a very successful professional work career.

Todd is the current CEO of ‘Outside the Locker room’ or OTLR, a company founded in 2015, with the vision to connect lives & Communities through conversation. OTLR, focuses on providing critical education for Mental Health and other social issues. OTLR provides education to sporting clubs, schools and work places across Australia, looking to show that sport is more than a game.

While Todd has come back to his footy family to play with mates, to have someone at the club with these professional skills in these times is just a great tool for any sporting club to have.

Todd also spoke to me about some of his fond memories during his time with the Saints, once again
highlighting the kind of person he is as they all highlight the achievements of his mates:

  • Gordo (Glenn Gordon), kicking a goal from the boundary to put us 5 point up, to get us into the reserves 2012 Grannie
  • Doddy’s (Nick Dodd) first kick in Senior footy as a 17 year old
  • Aaron Fenton’s game in the 2014 Senior Grand Final, also as a 17 year old
  • Under 19’s 3 peat Premierships under Dallas van Unen
  • Lincoln Decker kicking a goal and Heath running from full back to celebrate with him
  • Jared Gammino goal in RD2 this year and all the boys getting around him.

Need I say any more what mate ship means to Toddy!

You can now see where the heading for this story comes from – A TRUE SAINT TO THE CORE –

Todd, it is so good to have you back home mate. On behalf of your Saints family, have a great 100 th

Todd ‘Toddy’ Morgan so far:

  • Games Played: 99 Senior / 31 U/18’s
  • Goals: 66 Seniors / 33 U/18’s
  • Named in the best: 13 Seniors / 7 U/18’s