Life Members

Life Members

North Ringwood Football Club has bestowed Life Membership upon 59 loyal Saints.

Listed below are all 59 Life Members and the roles they held to meet the criteria of  NRFC to receive this honour:

Ian Anderson – Player

Brian Badrock – Committee, Secretary, Treasurer – Deceased

Zac Badrock – Player. Team-Of-Century, Coach

Todd Bailey – Player, Club Captain -Team-Of-The-Century

Ross Caldwell – Secretary – Committee – Deceased

Matthew Castles – Player

Geoff Coleman – Trainer, Committee

Gary Cooper – Committee

Neil Cooper – Committee, Treasurer

Paul Cooper – Player, Team-Of-Century

Jim Dickson – Player

Bill Dickson – Sponsor – Deceased

Jack Doherty – Committee – Deceased

Brian Durkin – Player, Committee

Scott Eade – Player, Committee, President

James Elmer – Committee. President. EFL Life Member – Deceased

Brendan Fitzgibbon – Player

Dennis Foy – Player. Committee. President. Sponsor – Deceased

John Glassborow – Player. Committee. Trainer, Secretary

Graydon Goode – Player. Committee, Treasurer

April Gordon – Committee, Trainer

Peter Graham – Committee, Vice President, Senior Team Manager

Jason Graham – Player

Wendy Harvey – Committee, Trainer

Bernie Hoey – Committee, Treasurer

Mark Jonas – Committee, Vice-President

Ian Jones – Player, Committee, Trainer, Coach

Rick Kandler – Player

Maurice Larsen – Player, Committee, President, Sponsor

John Liszyk – Player, Team-Of-Century

Tim Livingstone – Player, Team-Of-Century Captain

Ted McCarthy – Committee, President, Treasurer

Paul McDonnell – Player, Committee, Secretary, Treasurer

Ken Melville – Player. EFL Life Member

Phillip Melville – Player. Team-Of-Century

Brian Morgan – Player, First President (North Ringwood FC), Trainer

Brett Moyle – Player, Dual Premiership Coach, Longest Serving NRFC Senior Coach, Sponsor

Bill Mutsaers – Player. EFL Life Member

John North – Player. Committee

Charles (Chucky) Pardo – Player, Committee

Jason Parker – Player

Ross Parkinson – Player. Team-Of-Century – Deceased

Dick Parson – Gatekeeper – Deceased

Ian Percy – Player, Committee, Trainer

Des Ryan – Committee, President, Sponsor – Deceased

Michael Sheridan – Player, Committee, Trainer

Bill Simpson – Committee, President

Michael Sloan – Player

Kevin Smith – Committee, President, Secretary

Peter Sorrell – Committee, Vice-President

Ray Thatcher – Player

Gerald Toohey – Player. Team-Of-Century. EFL Life Member

David Tucker – Committee, Reserves Team Manager

Lou Tudor – Player, Committee

Joe Tunstall – Player, Committee

Kirke White – Player. Team-Of-Century. Committee. President – Deceased

Mathew White – Player

Ian Wishart – Player, Committee

Ralph Wyver – Committee, Secretary