Player Profile – Laura Gordon


Name: Laura Gordon (French)

Jumper Number: 9

Nickname: Laus

Children: Archie 10 & Emily 8

Relatives at the Club: Glenn Gordon (husband), April Gordon (mother in law) – Life Member

Occupation: Self-employed photographer

First season you played Australian Football: 2019

Football position you play: Forward

Preferred football position: Forward

Why you started playing football for North Ringwood: Did I really have a choice? It’s a great club and I couldn’t imagine playing anywhere else after spending 10 years on the sidelines with Gordo.

Any pre-game superstitions: nope

AFL team: Carlton until meeting Glenn, I was converted to the bombers

Pre-match routine: None, try and get ready and get the kids out of the house on time

Best game to date: Round 7 against Chirnside Park

Biggest inspiration: None, I don’t inspire to be like anyone else, just do the best I can for myself and my family

Favourite food: All, but maybe Thai food

Favourite drink: Pepsi Max

Favourite music: P!NK, Sia, Kelly Clarkson or just whatever is playing on the radio

Favourite TV show: House Rules

Favourite movie: Any kids movie

Something we would never know about you: I was in a children’s choir for 9 years

Any phobias: not really, just hate cockroaches

Who’s going to get the most fines this season: Hopefully not me!

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