Player Profile – Josh Povey

Hi Sainters

Up next is another young gun who tasted Senior football in 2019 – Josh Povey. Another player who has had his injury problems but is part of the youth coming through the club that will continue our tradition of strong local talent.

Name: Josh Povey

Nickname: Poves

Favourite food: Margherita pizza

Favourite holiday destination: Thailand

Favourite sports person: Lebron James

If you could pick any 3 people from the club to be deserted on an island with for 3 months, who would they be: Liam Lyall, JR, Lee Robinson

Favourite movie: Anchorman 2

Apart from yourself, who is the best trainer on the track: Marcus Joyner

Which player do you think has the biggest upside: Jama

If you could pick 4 people, dead or alive to have dinner party with, who would they be: Lyall, Scotty, Pap & Teale

What is something that we don’t know about you: I am studying Zoology