Player Profile – Jo Conway

Name: Jo Conway

Jumper Number: 14

Children: Two boys

Occupation: Accounts

First season you played Australian Football: 2019

Football position you play: Ruck/forward

Preferred football position: Forward line, learning to love the Ruck ?

What players inspire you: After playing my 1st game of footy, really anyone that gets out there and has a go is my inspiration!

Why you started playing football: My 2 boys play for North Ringwood. I have always loved having a kick, so thought I would give it a go.

Any pre-game superstitions: Not yet ?

What’s the dumbest way you have been injured: No dumb ones yet!

AFL team: Hawks

Pre-match routine: Breaky, warm up walk with the dog if not an 8:30am game then 30 mins or so of stretching with the roller

Best game to date: 1st game! kicked 2 goals

Favourite food: Chocolate

Favourite drink: Lame I know, but water it is ?

Favourite music: 60s, 70s and anything i can sing to

Favourite tv show: Trashy reality tv. Love Island, The Bachelor etc.

Favourite movie: Pretty Woman

Something we would never know about you: I love old music, 60s 70s etc

Phobias: Nope

Who’s going to get the most fines this season: Hopefully not me!