Player Profile – Jayden van Unen

Hi Sainters

Next player in review is a member of the van Unen dynasty – Jayden van Unen.

A dual Premiership player for the Seniors, Best & Fairest winner and longtime servant of both the Junior and Senior clubs.

Name: Jayden van Unen

Nickname: Noodles

Favourite food: Chicken Parma/ Magnum ice cream

Favourite holiday destination: Bali

Favourite sports person: Dustin Martin/ Adam Gilchrist back in the day

If you could pick any 3 people from the club to be deserted on an island with for 3 months, who would they be: Jako Whelan, MJ and Matt Cullinan or Jay Sharp for the stories

Apart from yourself, who is the best trainer on the track: Definitely not me – Aaron Fenton

Which player do you think has the biggest upside: Michael Loco (Super Star) & Jake Ireland (best young gun)

If you could pick 4 people, dead or alive to have dinner party with, who would they be: .Leonardo di Caprio, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela

What is something that we don’t know about you: I won $30k on “Deal or No Deal” when I was 19 and I jumped off my garage roof with an umbrella in my hand when I was 7 and broke my foot.