Player Profile – Jason Sharp

Hi Sainters

Up next is one of our long time favourites – Jason Sharp. Dual premiership player with the club and still only 27 this year. Had a bad run with his shoulders the last few years but if he can get himself fit, he still has plenty of football left in him.

Name: Jason Sharp

Nickname: Sharpa, Mudguts, Magnets, The Janitor

Favourite food: Kerrie Sharp’s Chicken Kiev (Quambee Burger close second)

Favourite holiday destination: QLD – Sunny Coast

Favourite sports person: Trent Sporn, Brad Fisher, Anthony Franchina

If you could pick any 3 people from the club to be deserted on an island with for 3 months, who would they be: Paul English, Peter Graham, Joe Tunstall

Favourite movie: Peaky Blinders, Bodyguard, Breaking bad, Money Heist, Broadchurch to name a few

Apart from yourself, who is the best trainer on the track: Matt Shephard aka workhorse

Which player do you think has the biggest upside: Jasper Rouget/Josh Povey

If you could pick 4 people, dead or alive to have dinner party with, who would they be: Shane Warne, Peter Moody, Brendan Fevola, Jason Richardson

What is something that we don’t know about you: I worked as an Uber Eats driver for a few months while I finished my physio degree