Player Profile – Chelsea van Unen

Jumper Number: 20

Nickname: CVU

Relatives at the Club: Jorja (sister), Jayden (brother), Dallas (dad), Karen (mum)

Occupation: Teacher

First season you played Australian Rules: 2019

Football position you play: Midfield

Preferred football position: Midfield

What players inspire you: Crippa & Dusty – both amazing midfield players & Our team – all of the mums who kill it every week. I would love to be able to continue footy once I have kids

Why you started playing football: My family have been part of the club for years, so I always wanted to play at North.

Any pre-game superstitions: Banana & Powerade

Injuries: Not me. I injured someone else. Skip took a great mark after I kicked to her. I was so excited, when I high fived her we collided knees and she sprained her ankle.

AFL team: Richmond

Pre-match routine: Game day routine

Best game to date: vs Donvale

Biggest inspiration: My Mum

Favourite food: Chocolate

Favourite drink: Hot chocolate

Favourite music: Anything I can dance/sing along to

Favourite tv show: Power

Favourite movie: Matilda

Something we would never know about you: I speak fluent Indonesian

Phobias: Snakes & needles

Who’s going to get the most fines this season: Skip