Player Calcutta Form Guide


Players Calcutta 2019

Who will you bid for in this year’s Calcutta?

Will you go for an individual, or a group?

Go it alone, or get a syndicate together?

If your auction purchase wins “The Badrock Family Trophy” (Senior B&F),

you will win 50% of the total pool.

Auction starts this Saturday (27th April) at 6.30pm at Quambee Clubrooms.


Jack Whelan – Club Captain,  2 time senior B&F (inc last year),  2 senior premierships, EFL association B&F ,  3rd in Division 1 last year. Hard attack on the man and the ball.
Aaron Fenton – Young Gun,  2017 B&F, premiership player.  Missed 2 games,  but votes extremely well,  due to his constant attack on the ball & opponents.
Michael Apeness – Big Mick was playing AFL last year for Fremantle.  12 games at the highest level, as a ruckman and key position.  Only 24 years old and a fierce attack on the contest.  Beautiful tap ruck work,  also a fantastic contested mark.
Michael Locco – 2016 B&F Winner,  unlucky with injury over the past 12 months,  but once up and running ,  one of the best defenders in the competition.
Jayden Van Unen –2 time premiership player,  2015 B&F Winner, consistently finishes in the top 5.  Classy midfielder with fantastic skills & vision. 


Billy Schilling –  Classy lead up half forward,  extremely fit and fantastic skills
Jayden Hoegal – Classy small forward.   Finished 5th in goal kicking in 2018 in the competition with 35 goals.  Great finisher.
Liam Taylor –  Bodies come good and will be resuming this week.   Extremely quick and is an elite tackler.  Kicked some of the best goals seen against Vermont last year.
Jasper Rouget – Had a great preseason and improvement is evident.   Big strong marking key forward with a beautiful kick.
Nick Lowden –  Big Body youngster,  hard inside and extremely fit.  Will get better with each senior game.

Heath Decker – At the ripe old age of 36, hasn’t lost any of his strength and speed.  Finished 3rd in last years NRFC B&F.  
Sam Whelan – After coming back from an ACL last year, hasn’t missed a beat.  Classy half back and uses the ball well.   Probably leading after 2 rounds.
Jake Moss –  Playing in the backline this year.  Fast closing speed and is getting better and better with each passing game.  Only young,  both in age and senior experience.
Darcy Harris –  Elite runner and great left foot.   Plays the true wing position.  Only just turned 21 and maybe 15 senior games.

Gary Conyers –  Big body midfielder/half forward,  came across from Heathmont after finishing top 3 in B&F.   skillful ,  good decision maker.  Experienced.  Fitted in well.
Matt Sheppard – Quick, skillful , amazing pack mark & great kick.   Lead up forward,  that can play deep when needed.
Jules Petracca – Winger or half back.   Fantastic distributor of the ball on his left foot. Hasn’t missed a game since coming over from Mitcham at the start of last year. 
Matt Cullinan –  Big Bodied ruckman who goes all day.   Fantastic set of hands around the ground and can go to the goal square and kick goals.

Matt Payne –  is there anyone else that has improved more than salami over the past 12-18 months,  I think not.    Fantastic mark in the defence.  Often plays undersized and is rarely beaten.
Jason Sharp – small half back.  An elite kick and great decision maker.  Seems to have time in traffic.  Coming back from a shoulder injury,  but looks ready to go.
Adam Miles – Big bodied midfielder,   with a damaging left foot.  Came across from Mooroolbark.   Looks ready to go.
Jake Ireland –  Still only young,  but has played about 12 senior games.   Big Body,  great skills and an elite runner.   Watch the improve coming.

The Rest.