North Ringwood Football Club 2021 Season Update

We have received an update from the EFNL that outlines how the remainder of the season will play out, I have included it in full below.
Effectively it maps out the remaining season based on some forecasts out of their control,
if the season does go as they have planned then we have played our last games for the season.
Senior Mens, Womens, Reserves, U19s and Vets teams are all outside of finals contention.
Obviously its not how we wanted the season to end, I think everyone will agrees we had started to build some momentum with wins against Blackburn and Doncaster, we were looking forward to the back end of the season, hoping to take some scalps, assisted with the return of some long term injured players.
I think Robbie has got the players understanding his game plan, it may have taken a bit longer than hoped, but considering our turnover of injured players and debutantes through the season I think we’ve all seen in the last few games the players can execute the game plan, now we just need to stop giving away 50 point leads.
We are well into our planning for the 2022 season and will have some announcements regarding that soon.

See below the EFNL’s latest communication,

With the most recent announcement of a further weeklong lockdown in Metropolitan
Melbourne ending at midnight on Thursday 19th August 2021, the home and away season
has one fixtured round remaining. Clubs have agreed to playing the final home and away
round as scheduled, should restrictions ease to enable the match to be played with an
appropriate preparation lead in.

Season Resumption:
The League is aiming to resume competitions on the 28th of August. This will provide
clubs with certainty and an opportunity to train multiple times (restrictions permitting)
before heading back onto the field.
Training Preparation:
Clubs agreed that a minimum preparation time “5-day rule” was required for fixtured
matches to take place following lockdown release. The League will continue to work with
clubs and if required schedule matches to Sunday timeslots if it assists in matches being
completed. The league will also consider shortening matches for the remainder of theseason.
Finals Configuration:
The Premier Competition will adopt a top 6 finals system with all 6 teams playing in the
first week of finals scheduled for the 4th and 5th September. The format will be as follows;

Finals Playoff 1 #1 Rank Playoff 2 #2 Rank Playoff 3 #3 Rank
Top 6 – 4th/5th Sep 1v6 2v5 3v4

The 3 winners and the highest placed loser (second chance) will progress to the Top 4
knockout finals. The Top 4 knockout matches will be determined once clubs advance
through the Top 6 playoff matches based on their playoff match outcomes and the
playoff ranking match, they are participating in.
If the Top 6 playoff matches were completed and the top 4 knockout stage of finals was
unable to be completed, the highest placed winners based on ladder positions would
move to the Grand Final despite the result of playoff 1.
Finals may be played on Saturday and/or Sunday as scheduling permits and clubs may not
always be aligned across U19’s, Reserves and Seniors on any given day.

Finals Roadmap:
Below is the roadmap to the end of the season. Any scheduled matches that cannot be
played due to restrictions or inadequate preparation time will be removed from the
schedule and the competition will move to the next scheduled match in the below table.
**PLEASE NOTE – Matches may be played on Saturday or Sunday**

Ladder Type:
Premier Division is an uneven competition in terms of matches played so Match Ratio has
been used to determine the final ladder finishing places.

Finals Venues:
Final’s venues have been confirmed with Central Reserve and Bayswater hosting 2 (4/5th
September) and 3 matches (11/12th and 18th September) respectively. With the addition
of teams 1 and 2 playing in the first week of the top 6 playoff the league will work
through ladder positions to determine if a club wants to host a final at their home venue
or alternatively look to secure another neutral venue now that all competitions have been
locked away.

Finals Qualifications:
The League has reviewed and amended the qualification requirements for finals in
consideration of the number of matches played for the season. This document has been
sent out today.

Finals Crowds:
Given the current restrictions in place it is unlikely that crowds will be permitted at the
football for the remainder of the season.
These are unique and challenging times, you can plan and plan again, the only certainty is
we have no control over the decisions made by the Public Health team and the State
Government. Fingers crossed we can get an outcome for the season and some
desperately needed closure.

Yours Sincerely
Troy Swainston
Chief Executive Officer