Minutes Of 2022 Annual General Meeting

Chairperson: Steve Wootten
Minute Taker: Tammie Palmer

Meeting Date: November 26, 2022
Opened: 6.34pm

Attendees: Steve Wootten, Mick Conway, Tammie Palmer, Dean Philpots, Mark Jonas, Ian Jones, Mick Tudor, Mark Fenton, Ted McCarthy, Paul Excell, Neil Cooper, Garry Cooper, Brad Court, Ian Bradshaw, Rodney Stuart 

Apologies: Joe Tunstall, Jamie Redfern, Chris Leahy, Angela Currey

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General Discussion

Steve Wootten acknowledged and thanked Mark Jonas for organising AGM books and for his time and effort in securing several grants throughout the season.

Ian Jones questioned player payments – Dean Philpots explained that the figure also covers Coach payments.

Neil Cooper questioned the total amount received in sponsorship – Steve Wootten advised approximately $120,000. 

Steve Wootten explained that with Wifi issues for several months the club was unable to exact expenses for each area. Canteen is not making a profit, cook to order not working and too many staff, Quambee van similar. These issues will be addressed next season and with reliable Wifi an accurate record will be available.

Neil Cooper discussed Past Players Financial Report – Thanks to Peter Graham for organising $5K draw & thanks to Joe Tunstall for organising Past Players function. Cash on hand $6,309

Steve Wootten discussed some changes to football operations with Lee Robinson onboard to assist Dean Philpots and the introduction of a voice for VETS on committee, Adrian Clarke. 

Steve Wootten advised that he and Mick Conway would look after Sponsorship.

Garry Cooper asked how many players at training tonight? Dean Philpots explained numbers have been low due to Maroondah Council not allowing access to ovals due to their condition from so much rain. Training has been running at Lilydale Lake, road runs, gym sessions and tonight at Saxon Sport, minimal cost & paid for by the club with a good deal from Scott Brasher. All clubs in Maroondah are facing the same issue,

Steve Wootten explained that we have 80+ players already signed for men’s teams. The list is there to be competitive in Division 1 with the aim to return to Premier Division in a few years.

The club have lost 3 players, 2 have moved to lower divisions and 1 to another Premier club but we have gained quite a few new players and have players returning who did not want to play in Premier division.

Rodney Stuart mentioned that there may be 2 Trainers not continuing next season, how will we find replacements? The club also needs to ensure that accreditation is up to date for all Trainers. Tammie Palmer advised that discussions were underway with potential Trainers and that the club Secretary would ensure all Trainers have the correct qualifications & EFLTA course details will be forwarded to all Trainers.

Brad Court shared his disappointment with a lack of player volunteers, they can’t just play and disappear & only a handful assisted during Women’s Finals. Steve Wootten advised that players will be informed during their training camp over the weekend of 11-12th February that they will be split into 4 groups, each group will be given a colour and a captain selected. When help is needed a group Captain will be responsible for securing volunteers from their group, the groups will be rotated to share the load.

Ian Jones asked who Coaches were? Dean Philpots advised there has been lots of work going on behind the scenes including Runners & Team Managers already appointed for all 5 teams & discussions continuing with a Lines Coach.

Coaching staff are;

Senior Men – Robbie Nahas, Col Rule & Dallas Van Unen

Reserves – Jamie Redfern & Dean Philpots

U19’s – Matt Povey & Luke Demetriou

Senior Women – Jules Hansen & Jake Ireland

VETS – Paul Robertson, Paul Excel and Boydy

Steve Wootten advised that Christmas BBQ will be held on Wednesday 14th December at Quambee.

Date of next AGM:  November/December 2023

Meeting Closed: 7.16pm

Certified as a true and correct record.

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