Match Reports

Senior Womens Report
North Ringwood V East Ringwood at East Ringwood Reserve

Dry day and on a big ground- this suited North Ringwood perfectly- especially our runners…..the footy gods must be looking after us.

Since the start of the season we have been developing two key elements to our game

  1. Spread, run and carry
  2. Structures
    1. At stoppages
    2. Shape around the contests
    3. Our full defensive and offensive grids
    4. Kick ins

Each week we are improving. We stretched FTG (ladders leaders) last week and we dominated East Ringwood this week concerting a 9 point loss in round 1 to a 49 win this round. The run and carry had East Ringwood chasing us for most of the day. Easily our best ball movement for the whole season. In the third quarter East Ringwood threw everything they had at us but we gave up nothing due to our disciplined structures coupled with outstanding effort.

Our form running into the end of the season is strong and will hold us in good stead to build towards 2022! It feels like the players now believe that we not only belong in division 1 but we can compete well against any side as well. Key will be a good uninterrupted preseason, strong consistent numbers to training and some junior and new players coming through. Lots to look forward to.

Friday night game this week at Quambee versus Rowville, another very winnable game.
We would love to see as many of the North Ringwood family come down and support the girls.

Goal Kickers: M.Gilmore 2 A.Harris 2 S.Humm, I.Vaughan, N.Wilson, K.Rule, J.Russell- Downs

Best players from Saturday – the whole team!

East Ringwood 1.1-7 2.2-14 2.4-16 2.7-19
North Ringwood 3.2-20 6.5-41 6.9-45 9.11-65

Rnd 6 v Sth Croydon

Another 4 weeks off due to Covid, another 4 weeks for our milestones to be reached. Big Nath playing his 50th Vets game and Old Trev at the young age of 52 clocked up game number 150. There was a lot of love in the air, some kind words from the Prez before the game and one of the best banners ever made by the lads for Trev to run through.

With a perfect winters day, the scene was set for a big day.

A vastly different looking forward line with Wallsy deciding the snow was better than taking hangers, Col cleared, hamstring off the bone and drinking beer at the Darwin Cup, whilst Wheels was nursing a broken hand and Edgey needing another fortnight to get his hammy right. Fear not, up stepped Daisy, Shinksy, Cammy and none other than the great JD.

STH Croydon were on from the get go. Two classic clearances from the middle and a classic Clanger from Baz had us under the pump. Once the boys settled into their work we evened up the ledger quickly and went in level at quarter time, but under no illusions that this was going to be easy.

Once the second quarter got going we really found our mojo. Trev safely tucked away with his strained calf, Cammy put on a clinic up forward. His third goal sailing through as the halftime siren rang. Thommo was angry, Heata playing like he’d been out all night and Parksey playing like a man possessed at Fullback.

Once again Coutta and Muzz were smashing them in the middle.

3 goals up at halftime, we needed to put this game to bed in the third quarter because we weren’t going to have many petrol tickets left for the last 20.

As always, we needed someone to step up. We needed a hero, a man to take this game by the scruff of the neck. Blokes were threatening all over the ground, we just couldn’t quite nail it.

Then Chucky, who was only seconds from having his obituaries written out ten minutes earlier, asked me if we could throw him forward and see how he goes. Bang, bang, bang! Three goals in three minutes, he turned it on. Game done and dusted off the boot of the little champion.

We were 5 goals up at the last change and for the first time this year we weren’t plugging holes to cover for injuries. The guys were rooted and knew this was going to be a long 20 minutes.

STH Croydon lifted and the physicality went up a notch. There were some big hits and pooper valves were shot. Everyone put their bodies on the line time and again.

The siren rang we had won a tough physical game, our bench still intact and smiles everywhere.

Well done fellas. There will be some bloody sore boys today, but we’ve got two weeks to go. Big Wallsy, Clarky and Edgey all come in and we give this last game everything!

Proud of you all.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 3.1 7.2 11.2 12.2-74
South Croydon 3.1 4.1 6.1 8.4-52



Goal Kickers: D. Camm 4, C. Pardo 3, C. Zupanovich, N. Russell, A. Shinkfield, W. Draper, A. Musovic
Best Players: J. Parker, L. Thomson, C. Pardo, D. Camm, A. Musovic, R. Coutts

And why not return our focus back to when the Seniors beat Blackburn

Match Report – Round 11 V Blackburn
We welcomed into the Senior team Darcy Church and Elliott Purbrick from our Reserves for their debut senior games. Both put in excellent performances on the day.
With 3 senior players out due to injury from our last game it appeared on paper that we could be a bit undermanned against the strong Blackburn line-up.
Blackburn won the toss and kicked to the end that was favoured by a fairly strong wind. Blackburn had control in the first quarter and our pressure was lacking which allowed them to control the outside of the packs with plenty of easy ball. Our first goal came at the 20 minute mark from a good tackle by Jackson Braunthal which was rewarded with a free kick and an accurate kick on goal. Blackburn’s inaccuracy in the first quarter allowed us to be still in the game.
The second quarter saw our intensity and pressure lift significantly and we had the ball in our forward half for most of the quarter. 3 minutes in and Billy Schilling marked and kicked truly for the first of his three goals for the game.  A strong mark from Matt Cullinan and a series of hand balls saw another goal. By half time we were only 4 points down and the game was there for the taking.
Blackburn kicking with the wind in the third quarter kicked the first 2 goals. Our backs were putting in hard repelling Blackburn on numerous occasions. Jasper Rouget played a great four quarter game, probably his best for the club. His marking and competiveness was a highlight. Goals by Matt Cullinan and Billy Schilling in the second half of the third quarter saw us only10 points down at three quarter time and kicking to the scoring end.
Robbie reminded the boys at three quarter time that we had been in this position in a number of games throughout the year, but had blown our chances. He asked each player to reflect on their game and to be ready to win each contest as it came in the last quarter. He said we did not need to rush things as eventually if we all played to our game plan, then goals would come.
The boys didn’t listen as 16 seconds into the last quarter we kicked our first. Riley Smith won the centre knock. It was swooped on by Liam Taylor who drove it into the forward line and from a contested mark the ball hit the ground. Jake Ireland using his strength and pace picked up the ball and kicked accurately, 4 points down.
Riley Smith rucked tirelessly all game. Winning the hit outs and picking up many possessions. He was dominant all game, but was a telling factor for our win in the last quarter. Sam Whelan laid two huge tackles in the Blackburn goal square in the last quarter which saved goals. He was back to his best form and was an inspiration to the rest of his team mates. The whole team had lifted and continually pressured Blackburn.  This pressure saw Blackburn turnover the ball at the 18 minute mark and a strong mark from Gary Conyers who kicked a long goal saw the scores level.
Jack Whelan was throwing himself into every pack. Following a Jake Ireland smother, Liam Taylor swooped on the ball in the centre. Dodged some opponents, took a bounce and kicked on the run for a goal. We have hit the front for the first time in the match at the 20 minute mark. This goal from Liam capped off a great game from him. He ran hard and pressured opponents all day, great effort.
At the 24 minute mark Jake Ireland tackled hard on the half forward line and was rewarded with a free kick. Following abuse from a Blackburn player the umpire awarded a 25 metre penalty. Jake kicked straight and that put us 2 goals up with little time left.
The final few minutes were in the Blackburn forward half, but we threw ourselves on the ball and bottled them up. The siren went. We have WON.
All of our 22 players contributed in some way to our victory. It was a great team effort. Well done boys a great moral booster for the club.

Go Saints.

Q 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4
North Ringwood 1.2 – 8 4.6 – 30 6.7 – 43 10.8 – 68
Blackburn 4.8 – 32 4.10 – 34 7.11 – 53 7.14 – 56

Goal Kickers:  B. Schilling 3, J. Ireland 2, J. Braunthal 2, G. Conyers, L. Taylor and M. Cullinan
Best Players: J. Rouget, J. Ireland, R. Smith, L. Taylor, G. Conyers and J. Whelan