Match Reports Round 7 v South Croydon

Curtis Dunne, Best On Ground, gets clear again.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Jones Photography.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
South Croydon 4.3-27 10.5-65 15.11-101 19.13-127
North Ringwood 2.1-13 3.2-20 5.3-33 8.3-51

On Saturday we took on the reigning premier on their home patch. We had two debutantes in Jake Moss and Max Dymond.

Our intent early was good. We won the contested situations (6-1 centre clearances) and had 16-11 inside 50s in the first quarter with our mid group of vanUnen, Dunne and Petracca on top and Harris and Joyner starting well in run with roles. However, we were very wasteful across half forward despite Sheppard also starting well and South hurt us on turnover to convert 8 of their 11 entries into scores.

From there we didn’t play well. South hurt us on the outside and punished our turnovers and in the end the last 3 quarters were well away from where we want to be as a footy team.

Whilst it was a very inexperienced team with 7 teenagers and 7 players under 10 games I still expected a better effort than what we got.

The positives were that Marcus Joyner did a great defensive job on King from South Croydon, Van Unen found some touch and most of the young boys in Murfett, Moss and Dymond all showed good signs at times.

This week we have another tough task with Doncaster at home but we are undefeated at home so far this year and want to ensure we keep that record in tact.

Best Players: C. Dunne, M. Joyner, M. Sheppard, J. vanUnen, A. Mackinnon, J. Sharp
Goal Kickers: M. Sheppard 2, M. Cullinan, T. Jones, J. Moss, A. MacKinnon, J. Hoegel, D. Wood


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
South Croydon 5.3-33 11.5-71 17.9-111 23.9-147
North Ringwood 0.1-1 1.2-8 1.3-9 3.5-23

On Saturday, we took on we took on South Croydon away. South Croydon have been extremely
competitive all year and have only dropped the 1 game, so we knew it would be a tough challenge,
however felt we were up to the challenge.
Well done to a couple of the boys getting back into the seniors being Darcy Harris and Jasper Rouget,
and congratulations to Jake Moss and Max Dymond who both got there first opportunity at senior
footy. Well done boys.
Our squad however was depleted with the opportunity in the seniors losing Jake Hollingworth, Luke
Branthual and Brent Morris with injury and sickness.
Was great to get Patty Harris into the team for his first game for the year after injury.
Thanks also to the 3 u/19s boys though came across from the u/19s game at Quambee to give us a
hand. Thanks Jacob Bell, Toby Godfrey, Lachie Shield (the wiggle) and well done lads.
Although numbers were slightly light, we were still very confident with our squad on the park that we
could be successful.
Unfortunately, the game did not go to plan.
I felt the group tried hard in the first quarter, but struggled to create and linkage due to the strong
structure from the opposition. The opposition played some good structural footy and I felt as the game
progressed we became a little flat.
We were able to hit the score board a little more in the last quarter as we opened up some run,
however the damage had already been done.
I thought the Cox boys played some really good footy and tried hard all day. Our backline gave their
all. Mitch Cullen was right in the contest and played well as did Bailey Marshall and Jordan Ursich.
In the middle, Barny was strong in the ruck, Ralphy tried to lift the group and Belly got a good share of
the footy in his second game for the day.
So in short, was a tough day at the office and I think we were either a little off or complacent.
In reflection, I think the yellow footy as a match ball didn’t help and it is a game we put away and use
as a learning.
We take on Doncaster next week at Home. A critical game for us to compete well and give a real
good tilt, so we will beetroot up and be ready to roll.

Best Players: J. Bell, J. Cox, D. Cox, J. Ralph, B. Marshall , S. Barnard
Goal Kickers: J. Cox 2, L. Shield

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach

Under 19s:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.2-8 2.7-19 8.13-61 14.21-105
Montrose 2.1-13 5.2-32 6.3-39 7.4-46
Goal Kickers: J. Ireland 6, N. Payne 3, D. Wright 2, L. Shield, T. Woodward, N. Sharkey
Best Players: N. Payne, B. Naismith, J. Bell, L. Shield, A. Glassborow, M. Heckley