Match Reports – Round 5 v Blackburn

Jason Sharp back with us after 2 years in Queensland.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Jones Photography.


We went to Morton Park with the aim of going 4-1.

We started well with the first 2 goals. Jason Sharp was winning the ball across half back in his first game back after 2 years away and Jasper Rouget was causing the opposition problems early with a goal and another free and advantage that led to a Liam Taylor goal.

And that is about where it finished for us for the day.

We did put up a good effort in the third quarter where Hoegel kicked 3 of his 4 goals for the day and closed within 4 goals before Blackburn stretched the margin back to 6 goals at 3/4 time and it ended in a 10 goal drubbing.

Blackburn outworked us at stoppages, ran harder when the ball spread from contested situations and pressured us strongly and we did not cope with it and turned the ball over often. We base our game around pressure, tackling, competitiveness and teamwork and we were beaten in all of these areas. We played unlike us.

We had very few winners for the day. Heath Decker continued his terrific start to the year by taking another big scalp despite the volume of ball coming his way, Jason Sharp won plenty of the ball at half back and Hoegel kicked 4 goals.

We had an ‘off’ day. I include myself and the coaching staff in that too. We are 100% with the players. As a group we allowed Blackburn to play how they wanted and we didn’t do enough to stop it. Bar the first 10 minutes I don’t think Blackburn would have been uncomfortable at any stage.

I don’t think that is unforgivable but the response needs to be immediate starting with training this week. We (again I include myself and the coaches in this) cannot get away from what makes us good. The things that enabled us to win 3 out of the first 4 and run Vermont right to the line. Yes we have plenty to work on but what I want to see this week is a return to what we are good at and what identifies us as a footy team.

Best Players: H. Decker, J. Sharp, J. Hoegel, A. MacKinnon

Goal Kickers: J. Hoegel 4, C. Dunne 2, A. Sharp, J. van Unen, L. Taylor, J. Rouget

Brett Moyle – Senior Coach.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Blackburn 5.3-33 9.6-60 13.8-86 19.11-125
North Ringwood 3.1-19 4.1-25 8.3-51 10.6-66

Welcome to my match report for Round 5
We took on Blackburn on Saturday following a really strong performance against Noble Park last
With a number of injuries, the u/19s not playing this week and a number of players unavailable this
week, it was a great opportunity to give a number of our u/19 development squad an opportunity to
taste senior grade footy.
Congratulation to the 5 boys who made their debut – Jack Murphett (played a half last week), Toby
Godfrey, Jacob Bell, Blake Naismith, and Mitch Heckley. Well done boys.
The end score for the day was not a true representation of the game.
Our first quarter was really solid and we were right in the contest, and I felt we probably had as
much of the footy, if not more. Some of our movement forward was good and were able to press up
on Blackburn really well. We had the first score, one out on the full and had the footy in our forward
half probably for 7-8 mins, before the opposition were able to break the lines and score. Was
fantastic to see Toby Godfrey also kick a goal with his first kick of senior grade footy.
As an overview for the remainder of the game, we probably struggled a little bit to maintain that
high-level intensity. In passages, we were really strong and moved the footy well, but fell down with
the final approach to goal. I think we had in addition to our score, 5 out on the full shots at goal and
a further 4 times the ball was spoiled out of bounds. This is effectively another 10 scoring shots we
didn’t take our chances.
I thought Brent Morris had a really solid game, as did Josh Kennedy, Jake Cullen-Hall, Jacob Bell and
Jack Hollingworth. Josh Taratuta and Tyson Wills both battled in the ruck and up forward, and I
thought Jesse Cox did a really solid role in defence. Dan Wright who rolled through the centre and
backline was a good contributor. Max Dymond and Daniel Cox competed all day against a solid
Blackburn midfield.
Blackburn are a very strong team similar to Vermont, and move and spread the footy very well. I felt
we were competitive, but probably didn’t take our opportunities enough which makes the final
score not a true reflection of the contest.
Well done to the guys who played their first game. Your efforts were fantastic and you should be
really proud about how you went.
As a team, another learning experience which we can take a lot from which we spoke about after the
game. We can match it with all teams in this comp, just need the belief we can.
We now get ready for Norwood at home next week, it’s an important game for us and great
opportunity to get back on the winners list. We still sit in the top 5 and have a good opportunity to
consolidate this. Let’s train well and be prepared for the battle.

Best Players: B. Morris, J. Cox, J. Hollingsworth, J. Kennedy, J. Moss, T. Godfrey, T. Wills
Goal Kickers: T. Wills, T. Godfrey.
Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach
Blackburn 3.5-23 7.9-51 11.13-79 15.20-110
North Ringwood 1.1-7 1.2-8 1.3-9 2.6-18
Under 19s:
Unfortunately with only 11 players available we had to forfeit the game.
North Ringwood 7.4.46 14.7.91 20.11.131 27.13-175
Forest Hill 1.1.7 1.1.7 1.1.7 2.1-13