Match Reports Round 3 v Balwyn

Matt Cullinan – Best On Ground – receives his ANZAC jumper from David Kelly, RSL (Vietnam Veteran).



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.2-8 6.4-40 11.5-71 12.5-77
Balwyn 4.5-29 7.7-49 9.9-63 12.15-87


North Ringwood
Goal Kickers: J. Moss 2, J. Rouget 2, J. Hoegel 2, D. Spurrell 2, B. Schilling, M. Sheppard, A. Fenton, M. Apeness
Best Players: M. Cullinan, M. Locco, J. van Unen, D. Spurrell, N. Lowden, J. Rouget



North Ringwood 0.3-3 0.7-7 1.9-15 4.10-34
Balwyn 2.3-15 6.7-43 8.9-57 11.12-78


North Ringwood
Goal Kickers: M. Kakaflikas 3, J. Hollingsworth
Best Players: M. Kakaflikas, J. Hollingsworth, J. Bell, J. Cullen-Hall, N. Johnson, C. Pointon
Under 19s had a bye.
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
South Croydon 2.2-14 7.4-46 8.8-56 10.8-68
North Ringwood 2.1-13 3.3-21 4.7-31 6.11-47
The Vets went into the game at Cheong Park missing 8 players from the last game. We were fortunate enough to have eight guys come into the line up. Three of which I met before the game for the first time. And unfortunately one of the eight failed to get onto the ground due to breaking down doing his own warm up.
The first quarter saw a close tussle, with both sides kicking 2 goals. Quarter time saw the opposition full forward in deep discussion with his mate (the umpire) and proceed to get three free kicks in front of goal that left everyone at the ground gob smacked.
We threw a few changes at halftime and looked much better, getting heaps of ball inside our 50 but we just couldn’t convert these to goals. We kicked 1 goal 4 for the quarter and rallied again in the last quarter only to miss our opportunities in front of goal, kicking 2 goals 4.
We eventually lost by 20 points, but it was a much improved performance on the previous match. The guys are still getting to know each other and will continue to improve each week.
A special mention to our co captain Danny Farrugia for working his arse off to get so many blokes back into the club. Muzza, Wallsy, Ando, Rambo and Wheels all making their debuts along with Brons in for his first game of the season was a highlight.

Best Players: Billy Draper, Bronson Wheatley, Eugene Koh, Daniel Walls, Charles Pardo, Nathan Russell

Goalkickers: Daniel Walls, Pat Milesi, Daniel Adams, Mathew Whelan


Croydon North MLOC 0.0 0.0 1.0-6 1.0-6
North Ringwood 5.7-37 9.9-63 13.14-92 16.17-113
 Our inaugural Senior women’s team had their first official game last Saturday and boy did they make a statement! We knew as a club we had something special when they won their 3 games a few weeks ago in a pre-season tournament.
Our team is a wide mix of girls from 21 through to their early 40’s, with some girls playing for the first time through to women with years of experience in women’s football but i know one thing for sure, they are a tight bunch of girls that have just come together and are playing like a team that have been together for years.
Playing against Croydon North MLOC our girls were on fire from the first to last siren having a staggering 33 scoring shots.
North Ringwood
Goal Kickers: L. Harris 7, L. French 2, T. Deane 2, K. McCormack 2, D. Rushford, M. Gilmore, H. Jacob
Best Players: L. Harris, V. Chelsea, N. Wilson, D. Rushford, K. McCormack, T. Deane