Match Reports Round 2 v Norwood


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Norwood 4.3-27 7.8-50 12.13-85 15.18-108
North Ringwood 1.2-8 4.2-26 6.3-39 7.3-45

We headed to Norwood FC with two new debutants who both deserved their chance after a very solid preseason.

Josh Povey is a promising young talent who has shown in the preseason training he has talent in spades. He’s unfortunately succumbed to an impact injury on his “good” shoulder which will challenge his resolve but as a club, we’ll put our collective arm around him and ensure he’s back and ready to play with a full rehab program in place.

Our other debutant Dylan Spurrell faced the tough task of going out against his old club and our long-time rival Norwood, I’m glad to say Dylan equipped himself well using his elite pace to apply pressure all day.

Other shining lights were Jasper, who has been named in the best for a second week, and Sam Whelan who is benefitting from a long and dedicated preseason. The Chin again had plenty of it down back and acquitted himself well all day.

It was great to have Locco back into defence, and Big Mick Apeness is showing his strength and class all over the ground.

We’ve suffered a second loss by a big margin. We know it will take a while for the entire squad to understand and play to the new style, it isn’t easy for payers to change their habits but I’m sure were making inroads and the players are willing themselves to put into practice our new standards, behaviours and game plan.

Goal Kickers: M. Cullinan, M. Apeness, S. Whelan, J. Rouget, J. Hoegel, J. Whelan, G. Conyers
Best Players: S. Whelan, M. Apeness, J. Rouget, M. Locco, M. Payne
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Norwood 3.5-23 7.7-49 8.15-63 13.18-96
North Ringwood 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 1.1-7
 We took on our local rivals in Norwood, away for Round 2.
After a tough start for Round 1, Round 2 provided us with an opportunity to get some footy in our
hands and really have a good crack and be competitive.
Again, like last week, we had several unavailabilities and injuries for this Round. The first two rounds
have been tough with player numbers, but all things being equal we should have 6-8 players
returning following the Easter weekend which will greatly assist both in our team stability (across 1’s
and 2’s) and helping deliver the outputs we have trained across the pre-season.
Was great to welcome back Brent Morris, Daniel Wright Jnr, Mark Griffith, Jack Cirillo and Thomas
Woodward for their first games for the season, as well as Jordan Abicair playing a full game this
week and Nathan Johnson playing his first game for North Ringwood after a solid pre-season.
With a squad with restricted pre-season work, our effort and intent in the first quarter was really
solid. I felt in the first 10 minutes of the game we had full control of the footy and were just unable
to make the connection of this work with forward scores. As the quarter progressed Norwood
opened a little, but I felt we were right in the contest.
The second quarter we went away from how we were trying to play a little, and in turn we gave the
opposition too many opportunities to firstly win the footy but change direction to move the footy
We discussed this at half time and were able to restrict our opposition to only 1 goal in the third
quarter, whilst creating some of our own opportunities. It was good to see that when we focus on
playing our brand of footy, how well it can work – it is just about consistency and maintaining this.
The last quarter unfortunately we let the flood gates open a little; but were also able to make sure
we were able to get a great goal via Jordan Abicair.
Our backline was outstanding all day, and I felt our midfield were really solid. We will continue to
work on our forward movement and structure as the guys up forward worked hard, but at times got
a little lost in transition.
Not so friendly looking on the score board this week, but there were some really positive signs out of
the game; and I think with another couple of weeks on the track and some reinforcements back in the
upcoming weeks (with the Easter weekend off next week), we are going to have a rapid
improvement of the scoreboard. Heads up boys and see you at training this week.
Goal Kickers: J. Abicair
Best Players: D. Wright, A. Goldsmith, M. Kakaflikas, J. Kennedy, K. Eliott, J. Cirillo
Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach
Under 19s:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Norwood 3.0-18 3.3-21 4.7-31 7.8-50
North Ringwood 3.1-19 8.3-51 10.6-66 13.6-84

Welcome to Round 2 – 2019
We took on Norwood in Round 2 at Mullum Mullum reserve – the ground was in
good condition, with the sun shining and minimal wind.
The Boys were looking forward to bouncing back after a disappointing start in round 1.
We identified our areas that needed improvement during the week and worked hard
to address these in readiness.
We welcomed Matt Trotta in for his first game at North Ringwood.
The Game started off well for us dominating around the contest and getting lots of good
forward entries. The first quarter was an arm wrestle, but there were plenty of positive signs
from our boys.
Quarter time NRFC 3.1-19 Norwood 3.0-18
The message at quarter time was to continue doing what we had been doing in the first
quarter but take it up yet another gear, the boys were definitely up an about and we
needed to capitalise on this.
We did exactly that, we lifted and some of the passages of play were nothing short of
sensational, it was so pleasing to see the boys opening up the ground and executing their
skills at a high level.
Half time: NRFC 8.3-51 Norwood 3.3.21
We continued to dominate the contested ball with Trotta and kizza getting well on top of
their taller opponent in the ruck.
Spud, Murf and Lowdon working hard around the ground getting us plenty of clearances.
Jama and Belly were presenting well up forward and become a dangerous duo for the
3 Quarter time: NRFC 10.6.66 Norwood 4.7.31
We finished off the last quarter really well considering we had lost a couple to injury;
Norwood were certainly trying hard to get back in the game, but we managed to keep
The most pleasing thing from this game was that we really stuck to our structures and
executed everything that we have been working on really well.
Final score: NRFC 13.6.84 Norwood 7.8.50

Better Players: Lowdon, Matthews, Murfett, Lyall, Heckley, Trotto, Bell, Cuthbertson

Goal Kickers: N. Lowden 4, J. Matthews 3, J. Bell 2, P. Dunne, E. Purbrick, T. Godfrey, M. Heckley

Matt Povey -Under 19 Coach.