Match Reports Round 18 v Vermont

Armchair ride for Heath Decker after his final game.

Photo courtesy of Donovan Badrock



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.0-6 2.2-14 3.2-20 6.5-41
Vermont 5.3-33 11.8-74 17.13-115 23.16-154


Last game of the year.

There is no bigger task in football at the moment, than playing Vermont.

For once, in more recent times the weather was kind to us at Quambee.

There was a lot going on at Quambee on Saturday, with the announcement of Paris and Eugene leaving at the end of the season as well as much loved Heath Decker’s last game in the seniors for the NRFC.

Vermont was sitting clear in top spot, and it would have been easy for them to cruise through the match.

It was evident early in the game, that they had brought there A game.

Although we started off OK, it wasn’t long until they were 5 goals up on us at quarter time.

Although we had repeat entries in the 2nd quarter , we couldn’t score freely, where Vermont’s precise kicking allowed them to score nearly every entry inside 50 metre.

At half time the deficit had grown to 10 goals.

Third quarter come and went, with Vermont continuing to pepper the goals.

At ¾ time Paris had decided to mix a few things up, including moving Heath to full forward in the last quarter.

It wasn’t long before Heath took a pack mark (3 deep) and slotted home his 3rd goal ever for the NRFC. Ironically his first 2 goals come in his first game.

The crowd’s roar and player celebrations put a smile on everyone’s face.

All in all, we were beaten by a much better side, who should comfortably win this years Grand Final.

Billy Schilling continued on his fantastic season, taking upwards of 8 intercept marks, while Aaron Fenton, Heath Decker, Jack Whelan, Mick Apeness & Garry Conyers all had decent games.

Disappointing year with only 3 wins, but the hard work has already started for 2020.

Keep an eye out for some good news stories, including our search for a new coach and new and existing player signings for 2020.

Lee Robinson, President




Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.2-2 1.2-8 1.2-8 1.2-8
Vermont 6.4-40 16.7-103 22.14-146 28.21-189

Vermont was our task for the last round of the year at home.
Numbers were very short this week, with only 11 reserves players available including some carrying
injuries and a couple of fill ins in Mark Lusk back for another game and Zac, along with Gordo pulling
the boots on. Again, the u/19s provided reinforcements following their game and we were able to
get together 21 – which was another great effort by the boys.
With the tough task of Vermont going into the finals, it was going to be a difficult contest – but we
were willing to put our best foot forward and give it a crack.
The first half of the first quarter, we got into the contest and were in the game having a couple of
solid forward motions of the footy – however after this we struggled to keep up with the tempo of
the game with low numbers, the u/19s already having played a game and the ability of the
Jordan Sultana has been one of the solid contributors and better players all year for the reserves,
and unfortunately copped a knock early to the back and needed to head back to the showers, and
young Kane Church gave us a half of footy as a u/17 which was fantastic.
But this meant we played with the 18/19 for the second half with a number of very sore bodies.
The result unfortunately reflected a blow out which was difficult to control under the circumstances
and against a very well drilled opposition.
As a group it has been a difficult year results wise and with player numbers each week – but credit to
the core of the boys led by our skipper Josh Taratuta, who have been there week in and week out
and always ready to put their best foot forward and were willing to continue their development.
A massive thank you to Dave Tucker as team manager again for the season. Dave your efforts have
been sensational and are much appreciated by the entire group.
A thank you to all to all the others that have help out during the year to get the team on the park,
especially my old man Ray O’Callaghan for goal umpiring for a bulk of the season, Mark Fenton for
helping out when Dave was away, Paris and Eugene and the entire coaching/football department,
Lee and the committee and all the trainers and support staff.

Goal Kickers: E.Purbrick
Best Players: J. Tyler, J.Taratuta, T.Nathan, L.Lyall, J.Bell, D.Atherton, J.Kameon

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach



Under 19s:

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.0 2.2-14 2.5-17 5.9-39
Vermont 4.3-27 5.5-35 9.6-60 10.10-70

The under 19’s have had a massive 3 weeks.

They had gone from bottom of the ladder with only one win, to potentially making the finals with a win on Saturday.

Over the past 3 weeks they had beaten Norwood (5th),  Blackburn (3rd) & Rowville (2nd).

No bigger task than playing the top team Vermont. Simple Beat Vermont, playing finals.

The boys started off slowly, allowing Vermont to kick the first 5 goals.

From there they clawed back, outscoring Vermont, to only being down by 21 points at ½ time.

Unfortunately in the third quarter Vermont kicked 4 unanswered goals to hold a 43 point lead at ¾ time.

Once again the boys didn’t throw in the towel, outscoring Vermont by 2 goals.

All in the boys went down by 31 points, against the best going around.

Best Players includes Glassborow, Povey, Matthews, Pap, Lyall, Heckley.

Ireland kicked 2 goals, with Povey, Heckley & Matthews singles.

The boys have had a good year and the improvement towards the end will stand the senior club in good stead for some time.

9 of the under 19 boys played in the seniors this year.

The majority also played the last 3-4 rounds  helping the reserves out due to a shortage of numbers.  Amazing effort.