Match Reports Round 16 v Doncaster



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.3-3 1.4-10 2.5-17 5.7-37
Doncaster 3.2-20 4.2-26 5.6-36 7.6-48
Goal Kickers: M. Apeness 2, M. Cullinan, M. Sheppard, J. Whelan
Best Players: D. Spurrell, A. Fenton, J. Whelan, M. Apeness, M. Cullinan, K. Eliott
After 3 great wins on the day by the Women’s, Under 19’s and Reserves teams the pressure
was on the boys to bring home the quaddie. Unfortunately this was not to be.
Again, playing at home we had another day of shocking conditions. Significant rain in the
week, heavy rain on Saturday morning and snow in the nearby hills. It was freezing! With 3
games on the ground prior to the Senior’s game meant that the ground was in an appalling
state. The Doncaster coach, Stewart Kemperman said that in his long history in the EFL that
the conditions of our ground were the worst he could ever remember of any EFL ground. He
was sympathetic to our club in having to train and play in such conditions. Fortunately we
only have one more home game for the year in a fortnight’s time against Vermont (they’re
going to love playing at Quambee, a week before finals!). The Council has planned to start
the ground redevelopment after our last game. Thank goodness!
Back to the game! The first quarter, like the whole game was a real slog. We had a majority
of the play with significantly more inside 50’s than the opposition, but were unable to
capitalize on this. We did not score a goal in this quarter. Doncaster assisted by a couple of
questionable umpiring decisions seized their limited opportunities, scoring 3 for the quarter.
They placed score board pressure on us which we were unable to overcome for the rest of
the match.
Our first goal and only goal for the first half came at the 9 minute mark of the second when Matt Cullinan
received a free kick and goaled. This quarter was very even with both sides struggling. At
half time Paris asked the boys to stop trying to play pretty football which doesn’t work in
the conditions. Get the ball to your foot quickly and keep moving it forward and put more
pressure on your opponents were the instructions.
The third quarter again saw both sides only kick one goal each. At the 7 minute mark Mick
Apeness won the ball from a ruck contest and snapped a goal.
Three goals down at ¾ quarter was a big an ask to win the game and when Doncaster won
the first centre clearance in the last quarter and drove the ball forward for a goal in 20
seconds it was virtually game over. Jack Whelan kicked our first at the midpoint of the
quarter. Straight after that the new 6x6x6 rule came into play when we did not have the required number in our forward line which saw Doncaster receive a free kick and 25 meter
penalty from the centre for a gifted goal. Kyle Eliott won a big knockout from the centre
which went to Matt Sheppard on the wing who launched a bomb from outside 50 which
skidded through for a goal.
Dylan Spurrell played a good game in the conditions with his outside running game. Both
Aaron Fenton and Jack Whelan revelled in the conditions and again provided excellent
performances. Our three big men Kyle Eliott, Matt Cullinan and Mick Apeness all had strong
influences on the game whether in the ruck or on our forward line.
Overall it was a disappointing loss for our boys.
Next Saturday we take on Montrose up in
the mountains. Montrose, whilst not having won a game for the year will be looking forward
to playing us as they have been very competitive in recent games. We need to be switched
on and ready for quite a fight. Get to training this week boys and prepare hard for this big
Go Saints!
Report by: Neil Sheppard
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.1-7 2.2-14 5.4-34 8.7-55
Doncaster 2.1-13 2.1-13 3.1-19 4.2-26

Goal Kickers: E. Purbrick 2, J. Tyler 2, J. Moss 2, D. Wood, T. Godfrey
Best Players: J. Tyler, J. Sultana, J. Taratuta, B. Marshall, J. Moss, D. Wood

Saturday we took on Doncaster at home.
Conditions were wet, very wet. and the ground represented a traditional Quambee track – which we
have not seen is a number of years, having a Heavy 10 rating.
We again were very grateful for the 10 or so of the u/19s boys that offered the services to help us
out after playing their full game. Thanks to Aiden G, Lachy Shield, Papa, Josh Povey, Toby Godfrey,
Decers, Belly, Liam Lyall, Jesse, Churchy and Elliot Purbrick for all helping us out – some for the entire
game and some for part.
Dan Wood played his 150th game for the club as well and the boys were keen to get up for him.
Our focus for the day was to be strong at the contest and put our energy towards meterage and just
chipping away and chipping away to create an advantage.
Our first quarter we started playing the brand we wanted to. The contest was tight, but we probably
gave our opposition a couple of opportunities in their forward movements, which they hit the score
board. I felt at quarter time we were in control of the game, but we just needed to keep chipping away
at them and making the game a gritty contest at the coal face.
The second quarter we really took control and were able to start setting up well behind the contest
as well as being very strong at the contest. The game really started falling our way, and although
there was only a small change on the scoreboard, the intent to chip away contest to contest was
working in our favour.
The third and fourth the flood gates opened up for us and we were able to benefit and be rewarded
for the work in the first half.
Jake Tyler and Jordan Sultana were fantastic all day for us battling away. I thought our backline were
really solid for the entire game, with Tim Nathan, Bailey Marshall, Jesse Spence, Duncan Atherton,
Papa, Belly, Johno and Aidan all playing their roles through defence.
Josh Taratuta worked his backside off all day in the ruck, and Mossy, Herb (Elliott Purbirck), Toby and
Woody in his 150th up forward were rewarded for their efforts hitting the score board.
After a number of tough followed by competitive weeks, a win wasn’t far way as is great reward for
the boys. Onto Montrose next week for 2 in a row. Go Saints.

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach


Under 19s:

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.0-6 1.3-9 2.4-16 2.5-17
Norwood 0.0 1.6-12 1.6-12 1.6-12
Goal Kickers: M. Heckley, T. Godfrey
Best Players: Cuthbertson, Naismith, Shield, Mulqueen, Papp, Heckley
We took on Norwood in Round 16 at Home – This was always going to be a tough
game; the weather was horrendous and Quambee was back looking like the old days of a
big mud pit.
It was a big day for the club with 4 games on the card, the Girls had got the club off
to a good start with a big win and we wanted to continue that with another good
The boys were very keen to back up their win last week with another win and we
knew in order to do this we would have to fight hard and scrap it out.
We started well with Godfrey kicking the only goal of the first quarter, giving us a
handy 6-point lead at quarter time. The boys had brought some really good intent again this
week – so it was all about maintaining that and continue the fight.
It wasn’t a pretty game but we weren’t concerned about that, we were more
focused on shutting the opposition down and locking the ball in as much as we could, creating
more and more stoppages.
We went in at half-time 3 points down with plenty left in the tank and again knowing
the game was ours to win. We lifted again in the third quarter getting a very important late
goal to Heckley, giving us a 4 point lead at 3 quarter time.
We had a good feeling that we could hang on to a win here if we continued the hard
work in the last which we did – keeping Norwood scoreless in the second half – thanks to
some great work across half back from Naismith, Stephens, Shield, Glassborow,
Cuthbertson and Papp.
The boys showed some true grit and determination to win this one, super proud of
their effort again, great to see them getting reward for the effort and commitment they
have shown all year.
Further to that, well done to the 10 boys that backed it up to get the cheeky double
with a Win in the reserves too.
Matt Povey – Under 19s Coach.
Senior Women:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 4.4-28 5.5-35 8.6-54 11.8-74
Croydon North MLOC 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Goal Kickers: M. Gilmore 3, S. Wood 3, A. Harris 2, J. Russell, J. Conway, A. Moore
Best Players: L. Peacock, J. Russell, A. Marshall, J. Conway, M. Gilmore, A. Moore