Match Reports Round 15 v Blackburn




Matt Kakaflikas – another great game.

Photo courtesy of Wes Langmaid – Arena Photography


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 3.1-19 4.3-27 9.5-59 9.7-61
Blackburn 5.1-31 8.1-49 9.3-57 14.5-89
Goal Kickers:  B. Schilling 2, M. Apeness 2, M. Cullinan, A. Miles, D. Spurrell, D. Harris, J. Hoegel
Best Players: M. Kakaflikas, L. Taylor, B. Schilling, J. Whelan, A. Fenton, H. Decker

This week we played Blackburn who are 3rd on the ladder and had beaten us earlier in the
year by 20 goals. This was going to be a tough ask for us and on top of last week’s 100 points
loss looked a very daunting task.
Our side this week had several experienced players returning. Special mention to Josh
O’Brien who returned after a long absence with a severe knee injury. Well done Josh on
your game.
The first quarter was relative even in general play and we were showing signs that we were
ready to throw out the challenge to Blackburn. Blackburn kicked a couple of easy goals in
the quarter that gave them the advantage. Our first goal came at the 8 minute mark with
Kyle Eliott winning the ruck contest and great roving by Darcy Harris for a goal. Billy Schilling
took a mark at the back of the pack and slotted a goal from the boundary line. Our next goal
came later in the quarter when Blackburn were running the ball out of our forward line and
Anthony Sharp caused a fantastic smother and the ball spilled out allowing Jayden Hoegel to
kick the goal off the ground. Unfortunately Sharpie went down shortly after this play with a
severe hamstring injury. Best wishes Sharpie on your recovery.
We started the second quarter a bit slowly and allowed Blackburn to kick early goals. Our
only goal came in the middle of the quarter with a free kick to Matt Cullinan. We battled
hard for the rest of the quarter without any scoreboard success. Although we were 4 goals
down at half time Paris told the boys that we were still well in the match and to put in a big
3rd quarter.
Unfortunately Blackburn kicked the opening goal for the quarter which put them 5 goals up.
Then our boys decided it was time to take a stand and put intense pressure on Blackburn.
Aaron Fenton and Jack Whelan both on the ball tackled ferociously and smashed through
packs. This lifted our players all over the ground who followed Jack and Aaron’s example
and put Blackburn under so much pressure that their normal running game stopped and they were making many errors. 23 tackles were made for the quarter which resulted in
most of the play being held in our forward half. When it did go to the Blackburn forward
line they were regularly repelled by Matt Kakaflikas, Heath Decker and Michael Locco. Liam
Taylor was moved into the mid-field rotations and provided a lot of drive with his running
game. Mick Apeness kicked 2 goals for the quarter and Billy Schilling and Adam Miles both
kicked uplifting goals from the boundary line. Dylan Spurrell kicked our last for the quarter
to see us 2 points up at three quarter time. What a pity the quarter was over as we were
running high on momentum.
The Blacburn coach after the game informed us that the third quarter was their worst for
the year in relation to clearances from stoppages. We won almost all stoppages for the
quarter. Great effort boys!
Our third quarter effort and our limited bench rotations seemed to take its toll in the last
quarter when Blackburn was able to get their running game going again. Whilst we
continued to try hard we looked pretty tired which allowed the opposition to score 5 goals
for the quarter.
Whilst winning is the aim, the supporters felt the boys today had given us a red hot go and
that is what we want to see each week. Let’s take our third quarter intensity into next
week’s game against Doncaster which should deliver us a very exciting game.
Go Saints!
Report by: Neil Sheppard

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.0 0.0 0.0 2.1-13
Blackburn 0.0 0.0 0.0 20.14-134

Goal Kickers: J.Moss 1, J.Povey 1
Best Players: M.Sproles, J.Tyler, J.Taratuta, J. Kennedy, J.Spence, A.Glassborow, J.Bell

We returned home of Saturday to take on Blackburn.
This week we had a number of the u/19s playing with us doubling up from the earlier game. Well
done to all the boys who were able to help the reserves group, with 9 boys stepping up.
The first quarter we got ourselves right into the contest. Our focus was to be as competitive as
possible and make everything a contest. We were able to get a number of good movements of the
footy forward, but unfortunately were only able to score the 1 behind.
Our second quarter was started to move away from our brand of footy. We gave our opposition
too much time and space and got caught trailing on too many occasions which gave them too easy a
passage forward.
Half time was a focus to de-brief on this and re-focus on playing the way we wanted to play and
work on our transition and deep movements forward after we had worked the footy up the ground.
Our 3rd quarter was a lot better and we were able to string a number of solid ball movements
together and get the football deep forward to both Mossy and Josh Poves and hit the scoreboard.
For most of the quarter we were able to match them well and only fell away late.
The last however the score opened a little more with the boys fatiguing. They continued to try their
best and Blackburn got a further jump on us with this.
Some of the defensive work and willingness to learn and develop in the midfield was good. It can be
tough when playing against strong, and although the scoreboard opened late, the effort and energy
to keep trying to improve was there.
We take on Doncaster at home next week. This is a game we are a strong chance. Let’s make a
massive effort to get on the park this week and put our best foot forward, ready to rock n roll.
Go Saints.

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach


Under 19s:

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.0-3 1.2-8 5.2-32 9.3-57
Blackburn 2.5-17 4.7-31 4.8-32 5.9-39
Goal Kickers: J. Povey 4, E. Purbrick 2, W. Lyall, J. Murfett, J. Bell
Best Players: J. Bell, J. Murfett, J. Matthews, J. Povey, W. Lyall, A. Glassborow

We took on second placed Blackburn at Quambee.
We started off ok winning a lot of ball through the midfield with some really good intent, the boys were very focused in what they wanted to achieve.
Unfortunately we were struggling for an avenue forward and were breaking down across half forward.
Quarter time came and we decided to adjust a couple of things to cash in on our midfield dominance. Matthews went up on to a wing which gave us some good drive and Purbrick was now providing a good forward target that we needed.
We kept working our way back into the game really well in this quarter and there was a real air of belief in the group that they could compete with a strong Blackburn outfit.
Halftime came and the boys were up and about and playing with lots of passion and commitment but we were still well down on the scoreboard.
The message was now or never – do this for yourselves – win at all costs.
The 3rd quarter we lifted another gear kicking 4 goals to 1 point – Glassborow was giving us great drive off half back, Lyall was dominating in the midfield, Bell’s clearance work was super giving us heaps of forward entries .
We went in at 3 quarter time with scores level and game there to win if we continue with the same level of commitment.
Last quarter started Blackburn got the first goal and had a 6 point lead with 10 minutes left, so we needed to lift again – Murfett was inspirational throwing himself in at every opportunity, then Povey who had been good all day, played an amazing 10minutes were he blitzed 4 goals to win the game.
It was an amazing victory – having been involved with this group for 14 years, never beaten Blackburn – is one they will always remember.
Great work boys !!!

Matt Povey – Under 19s Coach.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Coldstream 6.4-40 14.6-90 18.9-117 20.9-129
North Ringwood 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6 3.1-19
Goal Kickers: M. Whelan, S. Garrett, W. Draper
Best Players: J. Carter, S. Garrett, W. Draper, B. Wheatley, A. Schafer, N. Russell
Senior Women:
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 6.3-39 12.6-78 14.12-96 17.13-115
Donvale 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 1.1-7
Goal Kickers: M. Gilmore 5, T. Deane 5, L. Harris 4, S. Wood, L. Peacock, W. Chelsea
Best Players: K. McCormack, L. Peacock, A. Harris, T. Deane, M. Gilmore, M. Timms