Match Reports Round 14 v South Croydon


Aaron Fenton Saints BOG on Saturday.

Photo courtesy Wes Langmaid – Arena Photography


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
South Croydon 3.8-26 8.10-58 16.14-110 22.19-151
North Ringwood 1.2-8 6.5-41 6.7-43 7.9-51
Goal Kickers: J. Whelan 2, M. Cullinan, M. Apeness, A. Miles, N. Lowden, A. Fenton
Best Players: A. Fenton, M. Kakaflikas, K. Eliott, A. Miles, J. Whelan, M. Locco
Welcome to Josh Matthews from the Under 19’s playing his first senior game for North
The sun was out, ground in good condition and no wind, a perfect day for football. My
apologies this week for the short match report as I am only reporting on the first half. After
half time we did not turn up for the rest of the game and that half can be best described in 3
words “we were smashed!”.
We started the first quarter well with multiple early entries into our 50, but had some
inaccurate shots at goal. Mick Apeness kicked our first goal for the match at the 6 minute
mark after receiving a free kick due to his 3 opponents being all over him. South Croydon
started to get their running game going and a lot of the first quarter was then played in their
forward half. We were able to put a lot of pressure on their forwards which saw them score
multiple points. Matthew Kakaflikas and Michael Locco were standing strong on the back
line repelling many forward thrusts. Unfortunately our delivery out of defence was hurried
on many occasions and we gifted the ball back to our opponents who had many re-entries
into the 50. We were still a point in front at the 19 minute mark, however South Croydon
kicked 2 late goals to give them the points for the quarter.
We came out in the second quarter with 2 quick goals in the first 2 minutes. A great mark
and goal to Matt Cullinan and a team lifting running goal from Aaron Fenton. Our intensity
had lifted and we were tackling hard in this quarter. We were playing some of our best
football for the season. Further goals to Jack Whelan, Nick Lowden and then a great
contested mark and goal by Adam Miles at the 18 minute mark saw us 7 points in front.
South Croydon then challenged us kicking a goal at the 21 minute mark and then another 3
quick unanswered goals in red time. We had stopped running and were not manning up.
After having the momentum for most of the quarter it was quickly totally taken away from
us and that was to be the end of our effort and the match.

Special mention to Aaron Fenton who ran his guts out all day with his never give up attitude.
He was well supported by Jack Whelan, Matt Kakaflikas and Michael Locco who all
contributed during the match. Kyle Eliott again showed through his great leap and
athleticism that his ruck work is continuing to improve and he is becoming a menace to
many opposition ruckmen.
It’s going to be a hard week preparing for our strong opponent Blackburn. Train hard boys,
stick together and let’s now focus positively on next week.

Go Saints!

Report by: Neil Sheppard


South Croydon 3.2-20 7.5-47 9.6-60 11.8-74
North Ringwood 2.3-15 2.5-17 7.7-49 9.7-61
Goal Kickers: J. Hollingsworth 3, A. Sharp 2, J. Hoegel, M. Sheppard, D. Wood, T. Nathan
Best Players: M. Sheppard, A. Goldsmith, W. Lyall, J. Hollingsworth, J. Tyler, A. Glassborow
 We took on South Croydon away on Saturday.
We welcomed into the squad 9 of the u/19s players. It gave the group some real excitement and
strength in numbers which was fantastic for the group.
We also had a number of players that had returned to squad after injury or being away, with a
special mention to Josh O’Brien returning to footy after missing over a year. Well done mate.
With all this in mind, we went into the game with confidence and a full squad – and gave ourselves a
great opportunity.
Our first quarter was very solid. We were tough at the contest and were able to move the footy up
the ground in the manner we wanted. This in turn created goal opportunities. Some of the work
across half back from Jake Tyler was good, and Liam, Ash, Tommy and Jordan gave us opportunity
through the centre.
We went in at 1qtr time right in the contest. Unfortunately, the 2nd quarter we went away from the
way we had been playing and didn’t work the footy up the ground, rather kicked to their wall. The
result was they kicked 4 goals to our 0.
We discussed this at half time and refocused on playing our brand.
The results were immediate kicking 5 goals to 2 in the third and taking control of the game. Mitch
Heckley into the midfield mix gave us some x factor, and our runoff the wings was a real drive
The last quarter, we kicked the first 2 goals and hit the lead and I thought we were going to take the
game. However; South Croydon were able to get 1 back and slow the game. Although we had a lot of
the ball we could not penetrate forward and get the lead back. A couple fantastic efforts in the last
quarter from Aidan Glassborow topped off a good game for him.
Fantastic effort from the boys, and I could see they were hurting after the game. To come together
and play so well was a credit to the group. A win is not far off – keep believing boys.
Go Saints.
Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach.
Senior Women:
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Templestowe 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1
North Ringwood 6.1-37 11.5-71 15.9-99 17.12-114
Goal Kickers: M. Gilmore 3, L. Harris 3, W. Chelsea 2, T. Deane 2, A. Harris, A. Moore, J. Russell, J. van Unen, K. McCormack, J. Lane, S. Wood
Best Players: M. Timms, M. Gilmore, J. van Unen, W. Chelsea, A. Marshall, L. Peacock
It was a cracker of a day at Templestowe reserve this week, where we welcomed a few players back from injury.
It was lovely to see Jorja van Unen back on the field after a long time off with concussion, we’ve missed her attack and run in the middle and she didn’t let us down, even her first goal celebration was full of energy and joy.
Chelsea Willis was another player welcomed back from injury, and in a great Coaching move was thrown forward where she kicked two goals, she showed no signs of changing her style of play that has earned her the bonecrusher nickname.
Timmsy had a fair dip in the middle and was able to break form the congestion with speed and power starting many forward entries, as did Abbey Marshall, who has great leg speed and attacks the ball head on, Abbey rebounded the ball many times from the half back and wing using her speed and forward position to outplay her opponent every time.
With our engine room humming it was great to see our running game get going, Lily is one of our late recruits and she was able to show her elite speed this week several times bursting away from the packs, as did Jas and Eliza.
Down forward Jess and Sherie scored some nice goals as well as the Skipper who kicked three in a half of footy.
The dynamo Mel Gilmore continued her merry way with another three-goal haul from her, and no doubt shell be fined for stealing one on the goal line.
Jacinta got on the scoreboard on her return game, she always seems to bob up with a strong mark when needed and plays a true Centre half forward role so well.
As our year has progressed and our players are showing improvement each week I’m glad to say that our expectations on players is growing also, they are developing in their confidence game as well as learning positional tactics and team play.
We are at home this week at 8:30 so please come down and get behind our Women’s team in their second last game of the normal season.
Under 19s July 20 v Noble Park
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Noble Park 2.3-15 4.4-28 9.7-61 10.7-67
North Ringwood 0.0 4.1-25 4.4-28 6.7-43
Goal Kickers: J. Povey 3, J. Bell, J. Ireland, T. Godfrey
Best Players: M. Heckley, J. Povey, N. Lowden, J. Murfett, J. Ireland, M. Trotto
Vets 21 July v Wantirna South
North Ringwood 0.0 0.0 0.0 13.6-84
Wantirna South 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.1-1
Goal Kickers: P. Wheatley 3, D. Adams 2, W. Draper 2, D. Walls 2, C. Zupanovich, D. Abel, R. Coutts, C. Jewell
Best Players: C. Pardo, S. Garrett, J. Parker, R. Coutts, D. Grantham, D. Adams