Match Reports Round 1 v Rowville


North Ringwood 1.2-1 1.3-9 3.6-24 3.6-24
Rowville 3.5-23 12.7-79 16.11-107 18.16-124
Goal Kickers: M. Sheppard, X. Fry, G. Conyers
Best Players: M. Apeness, G. Conyers, S. Whelan, H. Decker, X. Fry, J. Rouget
North Ringwood 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.1-7
Rowville 8.2-50 14.6-90 19.10-124 23.15-153
Welcome back to the 2019 season to all sponsors, supporters, committee and players.
We started the season taking on Rowville, who in recent years have been a very strong reserves
team, at Quambee.
After a solid pre-season, unfortunately we had several unavailabilities and injuries to start the
season. Many thanks go out to the u/19s guys who offered to help us out with Jesse Spence, Jordan
Abicair, Darcy Church and Aidan Glassborow all stepping up and playing a second game to give us
adequate numbers to start. In addition, a massive thanks to Ed Saunders and Tim Nathan for playing
and hopefully we have you boys for the season.
We also welcomed a couple of new players to the Club, Dylan Spurrell, Corey Pointon, and Izack
Ralph who all played their first games for the club. Welcome lads.
With the numbers not in our favour, it was a very tough day at the office.
The first half we struggled to get into the contest, and as a result our opposition were able to move
the football too easily, and allowing them regular scoring opportunities
At half time our focus moved to being part of the contest, and once we had achieved this, move to
try to implement our style and game structure. To the credit of the boys we were able to do this in
the second half and reduce the impact from the opposition – with no bench at all in the second half
and guys on the ground who had doubled up.
It was a tough day at the office and to start the season, but there were some positives and learning to
take from the second half – and a stepping stone to Norwood next week. Heads up, lets re-group
and be ready to take on our local rivals next Saturday.
Goal Kickers: D. Spurrell
Best Players: D. Spurrell, J. Taratuta, J. Sultana, T. Falzon, M. Kakaflikas, A. Goldsmith

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach

Under 19s:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.1-1 0.4-4 1.5-11 1.6-12
Rowville 2.4-16 4.5-29 7.8-50 9.10-64

ROUND 1 vs Rowville – MATCH REPORT
Welcome to Round 1 – 2019
We took on Rowville in Round 1 at Quambee reserve – the ground was in good
condition, with the sun shining and minimal wind.
The Boys were looking forward to starting the Season off well, after working really
hard throughout the Pre Season.
We welcomed many New Players over the off season with some heavy recruiting to
bolster our depth:
Will Cuthbertson, Josh Teale, Ben Munks, Charley Smith, Elliott Purbrick, Micheal
Papadakis and Jesse Spence – welcome to the Saints boys!!! We are rapt to have all these
boys on board.
I would like to also mention Keiren Hendley-boys, who missed 18 months with an
ACL injury to come to the first training in pre-season and to not miss one since. 100%
attendance, the only player at the whole club to achieve this, it’s an amazing effort – well
done KIzza!!!
The Game started off we were contesting well around the ball, but we were really
playing reactive footy – waiting for the opposition to initiate the first move.
We really struggled to play the game on our terms and allowed Rowville too much
space and run, which gave them a good start.
Quarter time NRFC 0.1-1 ROW 2.4-16
The message at quarter time was to lift the intensity and tackle pressure – more composure
with our decision making.
2nd Quarter underway – we started the quarter well with a nice passage of play that involved
Glassy – Church to Herb to Cutho on to Spud just missing the goal but it showed some good link
up work and run – highlighting what have been working on.
Lyall was having a great quarter working hard with good pressure around the contest.
We had the run of the play for at least the first half of the term, with ten inside 50s to 1 but
unfortunately we couldn’t really capitalise on this.
Half time: NRFC 0.4-4 ROW 4.5-29
Again we started the 3rd quarter really well – winning our fair share of the ball but were
struggling to function in the forward half.
We finally kicked our first goal through Basel Judeh – the boys continued to work hard
without getting much reward.
3 Quarter time: NRFC 1.5.11 ROW 7.8.50
The message at 3 quarter time was to not roll over and fight out the last quarter so we can
get something out of this game to move forward with our season.
We took some positives and some learnings out of this game and will look forward to our
next challenge Norwood.

Goal Kickers: B. Judeh

Better Players: Heckley, Lyall, Glassborow, Cuthbertson, Teale, Munks

Matt Povey – Under 19s Coach