Match Reports Round 7 V Doncaster



  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Doncaster 1.4-10 4.10-34 4.11-35 7.15-57
North Ringwood 2.3-15 3.4-22 8.14-62 10.14-74


After two very disappointing rounds of football, the boys put a lot of hard work into training
during the week to try and address some of the issues. As they ran out onto the ground you
could tell from their body language that today was going to be different from previous weeks.
The ground conditions were excellent, however there was quite a strong wind favouring the
end we kicked to in the first quarter. Doncaster started strongly with multiple entries into
their forward half but were held by our strong defence led by Dylan Van Unen and Billy
Schilling. We finally kicked the first goal of the match when Matthew Kakaflikas kicked off
the ground and then provided a good shepherd to allow Dylan Spurrell to run onto the ball
in the goal square. Our first quarter lead was probably not sufficient having regard to the
windy conditions.

The second quarter saw a lot of play in the Doncaster half with them peppering the goals.
Our backline remained steady and provided a lot of pressure on Doncaster to see them
score 3 goals 6 points for the quarter. Our first goal for the quarter came at the 17 minute
mark with a great snap by Aaron Fenton. We were 2 goals down at half time.
At half time Paris requested the boys keep up the extreme pressure they were putting on
the opposition through their hard running and ferocious tackling. He also stressed that we
needed to attack and hit the score board with a good lead at three quarter time.

The third quarter was probably our best quarter of football for the year. The whole team
lifted, putting pressure on the opposition and winning the ball on most occasions. The
defence held Doncaster to 1 point only for the quarter. Our forward line was continually
given opportunities with Big Mick and Kaka marking everything that came their way. We
added 5 goals 10 points for the quarter. With a little more accuracy in front of goal our lead
at three quarter time would have been even greater, however the 4 goal 3 points lead was enough to give us confidence that we could win the game if we kept up our pressure in the last quarter.

We started the last quarter with the first goal with Aaron Fenton bursting out of the centre
kicking to Big Mick, goal. Whilst we had a good lead Doncaster lifted and kicked several
goals getting to within 2 goals. It started to get a bit worrying, however the team again lifted
and gained the momentum back. Jack Whelan and Aaron Fenton were doing a great job
leading the away in attacking the football and anyone that got in front of them. Big Mick
again marked and goaled to ensure our victory.
After the game Paris was pleased with the effort and result and told the boys “if you come
to games with the right mind set, you can mix it with anyone in the Premier Division
Great win by the boys. We now look forward to next Saturdays match against Montrose at

Go Saints!!

Goal Kickers: M. Apeness 4, M. Kakaflikas 2, M. Griffiths, A. Fenton, D. Spurrell, J.
Best Players: M. Kakaflikas, J. Whelan, J. Hoegel, D. Van Unen, A. Fenton, M.

Report by Neil Sheppard




  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Doncaster 3.4-22 4.8-32 5.13-43 9.14-68
North Ringwood 1.2-8 2.3-15 4.5-29 5.7-37

We took on Doncaster today at Doncaster in a winnable game for the squad.
Unfortunately, we had 4 players out late due to illness, injury and Call-up to the 1’s, but we still
played with 2 on the bench, and felt as a group we were up for the challenge and ready to have a
real crack.
A couple of congratulations to Griff, Kaka, and late call up Tom Falzon all up in the ones this week
after being consistent for a number of weeks in the reserves and playing strong footy. Well done
guys and well deserved.
As a summary, we were close, but not close enough.
Passages of our footy throughout the day were fantastic with our transition, change in direction and
movement; but some were also not great sections with a critical skill error or turnover.
Ash Goldsmith was fantastic all day and played a bit role for us through the middle.
I thought Adam Miles back into the squad from the seniors had a fantastic game also and was able to
move the ball freely for us and transition the ball from the midfield and out of defence. Anthony Sharp
got through the entire game and was able to get some really good touches and also kick 3 goals. I
also though the entire midfield group include Jordan Sultana, Izack Ralph, Jakeb Cullen and Josh
Taratuta were solid all day.
Bailey Marshall was fantastic in keeping their full forward goaless (whilst he was on him) and I
thought both Jake Tyler and Mitch Sproles off half back undertook a number of really solid 1%ers and
transitioned the ball from defence well.
It is disappointing we were unable to get the win, but the improvement in the group has been
exponential in recent weeks, and our consistency in games is getting deeper and deeper into each
We are not far off our first win for the year – watch this space.
Go Saints.

Goal Kickers: A. Sharp 3, A. Goldsmith, D.Wright
Best Players: A. Goldsmith, A. Miles, A. Sharp, J. Sultana, B. Marshall , M. Sproles

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach

Under 19s:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Vermont 1.5-11 3.6-24 9.9-63 11.13-79
North Ringwood 2.3-15 0.2-2 3.4-22 3.5-23
Goal Kickers: W. Lyall, C. Smith, J. Matthews
Best Players: W. Lyall, B. Naismith, W. Cuthbertson, M. Papadakis, C. Smith
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 6.4-40 13.10-88 15.13-103 18.20-128
Forest Hill 0.0 0.0 0.1-1 3.1-19
The Vets took on Forest Hill, with ten changes from the previous game. Wheats and Steve Garrett playing their first games of the year. 
We started the game well keeping the opposition scoreless in the first quarter, in fact for the first half they didn’t trouble the scoreboard. Wallsy and Paddy ran amok, with 8 between them halfway through the second quarter when Paddy did a hammy. Brons did as he pleased down back with great support from all the defenders. 
In the middle, big Schaf fed the ball to our onball brigade and they happily moved the ball forward. Chucky, Billy, Eug and Coutta were on fire. 
After scoring 13.10 to nothing in the first half and not giving the opposition a sniff we were a bit disappointed in the second half. We ended up kicking 5.10 to 3 goals. 
Goals- 7 Walls, 3 Paddy,  2 Dion
1 Chucky, CJ, Billy, Brons, Zuppa, Garrett
Best- Everyone. Walls, Chucky, Bronson, Garrett, Dion, Billy, Schaf 
Paul Robertson – Vets Coach


Senior Women:

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Park Orchards 0.0 0.2-2 0.2-2 1.2-8
North Ringwood 3.3-21 4.3-27 5.9-39 7.12-54

A sunny day welcomed us onto a fast deck at Stinton’s Reserve where we were to take on Park Orchards for a second
time this season.
The team was nervous and excited by the prospect of facing the hardest opponent to date, with our Skipper and
major goal kicker Lauren Harris out due to injury there was a big question to be answered over the next four
quarters. Added to our injury list was Jorja van Unen who was a late withdrawal due to her ankle being NQR.
Big Nat got us started in the centre with a dominant display in the ruck, unbeaten all day, our midfield relished first
use of the ball and the space to run that the big oval offered us.
Chelsea VU was a bit crook but showed no let up in her pursuit of the ball, aided by Jacinta, Tayla Dan, Michaela we
were able to kick three goals in the first quarter and kept the Orch scoreless.
The second quarter saw us kicking into the wind, and a change up in our structure saw our young gun Alice thrown
into defence to kick start our rebound and along side Sherie and Kylie we managed to repel the wind powered
onslaught brought on by Park Orchards fast running brigade time and time again, we also managed to snag another
goal into the breeze.
The team were feeling the heat of the game by the time the long break came along, but a few snakes and a rev up by
Coach Joel got the crew raring to go in the third.
A barrage of scoring shots in the third only returned a one goal six-point result but the enthusiasm was evident, and
we kept the Orch scoreless again. A shining light was to see Jess Lane seize her opportunity with both hands and
Abbey Moore got her hands on the ball in a five-minute flurry, while Chelsea “bonecrusher” Wills was let loose in the
guts and displayed an uncompromising attack on the contested ball.
The last quarter saw us kick two goals three points to extend our lead and run-away winners.
The development in the new players is great to see, and even thought we have a few significant injuries we were
able to rally together and kick a winning score.
We then kicked on to the club for a Beer pong tournament which was a huge success for the club, thanks to all those
contributors in the team who helped make the night a fun time for all.
On a side note, a gofundme page has been setup to assist Hannah Jacobs with the costs of her knee reconstruction,
so if you’d like to donate please click on the link below, any help is greatly appreciated.

Goal Kickers: T. Deane 2, L. French, E. Stephens, V. Chelsea, J. Russell, A. Moore
Best Players: A. Moore, D. Rushford, N. Wilson, W. Chelsea, J. Lane, V. Chelsea

Go Saints !!

Report by Phil Harris