Match Report Round 12 v Balwyn


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Balwyn 4.7-31 13.7-85 19.8-122 24.12-156
North Ringwood 2.2-14 5.4-34 7.5-47 9.7-61

Goal Kickers: M. Apeness 3, A. Fenton 2, M. Cullinan, L. Taylor, J. Hoegel, M. Locco

Best Players: M. Locco, B. Schilling, M. Apeness, D. Spurrell, A. Fenton, J. Bell

Playing Balwyn at their home ground with ideal conditions and having our least experienced team for the year was going to be a difficult challenge and what a difficult task it turned out to be. Balwyn were far too skilled and gave us a comprehensive defeat.

The first quarter was predominantly played in the Balwyn half where we had to defend strongly to keep them to 4 goals. On our forward line Mick Apeness competed very hard and with limited opportunities he was able to kick 2 goals in the quarter against the league’s premier full back, Kris Pendlebury. We continually allowed Balwyn to have lots of open space in which they were catching us on the outside with a strong running game.

Paris asked the players at quarter time to man up and not allow Balwyn the space to run in. Unfortunately we were unable to do this and Balwyn had a very accurate quarter kicking 9 goals straight. Towards the end of the quarter Mick Apeness took the ball from a ruck contest and snapped a goal. Not long after this Michael Locco took a good intercept mark and kicked an excellent goal.

The third and fourth quarters saw our intensity lift a little and we appeared to be playing a bit better but unfortunately the scoreboard results were similar to the first two quarters.

Billy Schilling, Michael Locco and Heath Decker contributed significantly on the back line against some pretty classy opposition. Aaron Fenton again gave a very consistent, strong on-ball presence. Dylan Spurrell provided some run. Our ruckmen, Kyle Eliott and Matt Cullinan contested very hard all day, with Matt Cullinan finishing his work off with a big mark and big goal in the last quarter. Mick Apeness was our only strength on the forward line.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will see the return to the team of some of our senior players that have been watching from the sidelines. We have some important games coming up against sides around us on the ladder and an increase in experienced players would be very beneficial. Keep your heads up boys and support each other in preparation for these games.

Go Saints!

Report by: Neil Sheppard


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Balwyn 7.2-44 11.5-71 23.10-148 27.13-175
North Ringwood 0.1-1 2.1-13 2.1-13 2.3-15

Goal Kickers: M. Lusk, J. Abicair

Best Players: J. Sultana, J. Tyler, M. Sproles, J. Hollingsworth, J. Taratuta, B. Marshall

We took Balwyn away Saturday.

Again, this week we were very light on numbers, but were able to bond together and form a squad to take on an opposition that we competed pretty well with earlier in the year.

Mark Lusk, an ex-player at the Saints, helped us out this week and gave us a bit of experience into the forward line, have played some good senior footy. Thanks Mark

In addition, Jesse Spence and Xavier Finta both came across from the u/19 to play with us for the day giving us 20 to start the game. Thanks again lads for the efforts

It was a tough day at the office for the boys.

Our opposition were very well structured and resourced with players and turned up to play.

Our footy for the day wasn’t bad and some of the movements of the footy forward were very nifty. Our biggest issue was our skills, and turnovers on a small ground, as Balwyn turned these over and quickly got them moving forward on a small ground

Our second and last quarters were solid, seeing a good goal from Mark Lusk and Jordy Abicar and our tackle pressure was right up. I thought Jordan Sultana worked his backside off in the midfield and Jake Tyler, Jake Hollingworth, Josh Taratuta and Mitch Sproles all gave us drive through the midfield. It was just our turnovers that really exposed us, and we got blown out the water in the 3rd quarter.

Again, another tough week – but we are back at home next week and hopefully with a couple of players back in the squad. Let’s get ourselves up and about and ready to roll again Noble Park.

Go Saints.

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Rowville 1.4-10 4.5-29 6.6-42 8.8-56
North Ringwood 2.3-15 3.6-24 5.6-36 5.11-41

Goal Kickers: B. Naismith 4, T. Stubs

Best Players: A. Glassborow, J. Matthews, L. Shield, B. Naismith, A. Begg, T. Stubs

We took on Rowville in Round 11 at Seebeck reserve – This was always going to be a tough game, as we rate Rowville as the best team in premier under 19s.

We welcomed in 5 under 17s players to our side Tom Stubbs making his debut, Ben Howard also making his debut and Dunne, Begg and Church who have played a few games with us previously. It was great having some young talent to work with.

The boys were up and about ready to go, I could tell from the outset that the boys were switched on and had some belief they compete with the best.

We started the game very well leading by 5 points at quarter time, we had some momentum and the siren seemed to ring early as we looked like scoring again.

The Boys continued the great work in the second quarter, especially after Rowville really challenged, we were able to respond which was very pleasing.

We went in at half time only 5 points down and he belief we could cause an upset was really building.

Tom Stubbs had a great first half helping our more experienced midfielders out and getting plenty of the ball too, Stevo had been very reliable down back and Glassborow was winning all his one on ones.

Aiden Begg was giving us first use in the ruck, as well competing really well around the ground – often roving his own work.

The message as half-time was to remain composed and to continue going up a gear in the 2nd half.

We again come out playing with great spirit and intensity, whenever Rowville got some control we managed to get that back.

Murfett and Lyall were again great in the middle, Shield was giving us great drive off half back.

We went into 3quarter time only 1 goal down and you could feel the boys knew they had a huge chance to snatch the win.

We through everything at Rowville in the last – Povey went in the mid and gave us some good entries – Naismith was having a day out with a different role playing forward kicking 4 nice goals, Matthews was giving us some good rebound footy off half back.

We had 6 chances to kick potentially the winning goal, but luck wasn’t on our side, we fell just short – but the boys should be very proud of their efforts and can really build for a strong finish in the last 6 weeks.

Matt Povey


North Ringwood:: 9.7-61

Noble Park: 8.9-57

Goal Kickers: Wallsy 4, Paddy 3, Daisy, Billy

Best Players: Garrett, Brons, Dion, Shinks, Walls, Schaf, Zuppa, Muzz, Billy, Parksey… you get the picture, everyone

The vets took on the previously undefeated and much heralded Noble Park at Quambee Reserve. With no less than 8 changes from our last game and 11 players unavailable we went into the game with a plan, that if carried out, would at the very least leave our opposition under no illusion as to what this group stands for. But we wanted more than that, we wanted the 4 points and a big scalp. Simply, the plan was to bring a level of pressure that they would not have expected nor experienced before. Players were given specific roles and as long as we stayed composed we thought we would get the job done. And we did.

Although we went in at quarter time 3 goals down we were playing well. By halftime scores were close and at 3 quarter time we found ourselves 2 goals up and we were all over them. The message was simple, stay composed, stay on your feet and keep up the pressure. Noble Park came at us and hit the lead with under 5 minutes to go and locked the ball in their forward half. After one failed attempt to hit the scoreboard and under a minute remaining, our tireless backs got the ball to one of our best players all day, big D, who duly hit big Wallsy 50m out. The big fella went back and calmly slotted it, bear hugged and dry rooted everyone near him. It was magnificent. With one centre bounce stoppage left, the boys got the ball into the safe hands of Wheats and game over.

Could not have been prouder of all 26 players.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Donvale 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1
North Ringwood 3.2-20 7.4-46 7.8-50 11.13-79

We travelled out to Donvale to take on the magpies on a stunning day, the sun was out and the deck was dry.

Again, we found ourselves a few players short so on top of last week’s recruits we welcomed Carli Forbes and Zoe Tucker who play in the U18s side. We are all grateful to the girls who helped us get a full side up. Welcoming Sherie back into the side she was also Captain this week.

We started kicking up the hill with a 3 goal first quarter, our run and drive from the middle was a highlight of a tight contest. Laura Michaela and Nat kicking the goals.

Kicking down hill we got on a roll and hit 4 majors in a dominant display. Kylie Rule was thrown forward to challenge her in a new role and was rewarded with along bomb goal, Big Nat snagged another couple and to our delight young Carli kicked her first Senior goal with the girls getting around her.

The third quarter saw Donvale challenge with a renewed vigour and hardness, and we couldn’t find a way to score a goal during a very willing contest.

Composure and run was the Coaches theme for the final term and again we were able to hit the scoreboard, Mel had the better of her opponent by scoring another goal to her tally, Big Nat got another Alice snapped truly and Zoe completed the perfect debut by kicking a great goal from a very tight contest.

It was a great response during the week by the players on the training track and in the game.

Phil Harris