Match Report Round 11 v Norwood



Michael Locco B.O.G. restricted Tom Boyd to 3 kicks.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 3.2-20 4.4-28 5.5-35 5.8-38
Norwood 2.4-16 5.5-35 7.9-51 9.10-64

Goal Kickers: A. Sharp, M. Apeness, J. Hoegel, D. Harris, M. Kakaflikas

Best Players: M. Locco, H. Decker, D. Harris, A. Fenton, K. Eliott, B. Schilling

It was a big day at Quambee on Saturday with our ladies luncheon, playing our neighboring rivals Norwood and also with Tom Boyd playing his first match in the EFL for Norwood. This attracted much attention from the press and supporters. A big crowd was in attendance to watch the game. Good luck to Tom for the rest of the season.

The crowd would have been even bigger if not for the severe weather conditions. It was very windy and rained for almost the whole game. The ground surface was pretty good considering the conditions.

The first quarter, kicking to the scoring end was our best for the match. Our intensity was up; we tackled hard and generally had more of the play. Unfortunately Jack Whelan received a knock halfway through the quarter and was stretched off to miss the rest of the match. A lot of responsibility was then placed on Aaron Fenton to provide the inside tough play. Aaron played brilliantly with his ferocious tackling and run on game. He was well assisted by Darcy Harris.

Norwood started the second quarter with a rush kicking 2 goals in the first 3 minutes; goals were not easy to score in the conditions! Entries into the 50’s for the quarter were equal but too easily did Norwood take the ball out of our 50 after our intensity had dropped off.

The second half of the game was a real slog as conditions became worse. We were unable to capitalize with the breeze in the third quarter. Half way through the last quarter it became very dark and even with our training lights on it was very difficult to see the play.

A special mention of several of our players. Michael Locco, playing on Tom Boyd did an excellent job to restrict Boyd to only 2 goals. Heath Decker, playing on the EFL’s leading goal kicker Leigh Williams, was fantastic to keep Williams to only 1 goal for the match. Kyle Eliott’s ruck work, especially in the last quarter was outstanding. He continually won the knockouts with his high leap but unfortunately o n many occasions we were unable to capitalize on this.

Next week we are off to Balwyn, let’s put the pressure on them and bring home a big win.

Go Saints!

Report by: Neil Sheppard


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.0-6 1.1-7 2.1-13 2.2-14
Norwood 4.4-28 9.6-60 13.10-88 16.14-110
Goal Kickers: C. Pointon, J. Moss
Best Players: A. Miles, J. Sultana, J. Hollingsworth, J. Taratuta, J. Moss, J. Tyler
We took on local rivals Norwood at home today.
Again, numbers were very short this week. Jamie Roberts and Brad Wilton (Rambo); both put their
hand up to help us out this week, along with Glenn Gordon and Turbo pulling the boots back on. In
addition, Jesse Spence again put his hand up to double up in games from the u/19s, as did Lachlan
Many thanks to these guys for their efforts as they gave us a full squad and bench.
The game started well for us. We were in the contest and were able to kick the first goal of the day.
Our tackle pressure was up and good aggression at the contest was good, and we were right in the
game. However, we allowed Norwood to hit the score board later in the quarter and we weren’t
rewarded for our pressure on the contest.
The second quarter was much of the same. The way we went about our game style and effort was
there, but we didn’t reward ourselves. This was either by a skill error or not or a bad decision after a
passage of play.
At half time we spoke about this and also a few of the key factors where we could improve our
positioning around the contest, holding all tackles, and being rewarded for our effort.
Our second half was reflective of these improvements we were looking to achieve, however the
poor weather rolled in and although we continued to compete, we were unable to stop the
opposition scoring and the margin widened.
Again, considering circumstances against a very strong opposition and with limited numbers, I am
very proud of the boys efforts. A big thank you again to the guys that helped us out this week.
Back on the training track ready to take on Balwyn next week.
Go Saints.
Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach
Under 19s:
North Ringwood 0.1-1 1.2-8 2.3-15 3.4-22
Norwood 2.3-15 5.5-35 6.8-44 11.14-80
Goal Kickers: B. Judeh, L. Shield, A. Glassborow
Best Players: X. Fry, B. Naismith, J. Murfett, C. Smith, A. Glassborow, J. Povey

We took on Norwood in Round 11 at Home – we were set for a big day for the club
with lady’s also playing – meaning 4 games in a row at home and a big crowd gathering.
The boys were up and about ready to go, for what was another really important game for
Our first half was very good, we were unlucky not to get the more reward on the
scoreboard. We felt like we were well and truly in the game.
Fry was starting to make an impact on the game with some good dash off half back, Murfett
was working hard with Lyall in the middle.
Naismith was super down back repelling all Norwood’s attacks – using Povey and Shield to
release off half back with good ball use.
Smith was giving us a good solid contest across half forward line and Purbrick was giving us
some good options forward and working really hard at every contest.

Glassborow swung back and gave us some strong work across half back as well taking the
game on.
Our 3rd quarter was our best quarter of the day but in the end it wasn’t enough as we
dropped our heads early in the last and Norwood ran over the top of us which was
We have some things to review now, in order to be a good team consistently.
We will hit the track hard looking to bounce back quickly this week.

Matt Povey – Under 19 Coach.

Senior Women:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.4-10 1.4-10 1.6-12 2.9-21
Park Orchards 3.2-20 3.2-20 4.3-27 6.4-40
Goal Kickers: J. Sommers 2
Best Players: C. Barratt, E. Tonkin, J. Sommers, M. Timms, D. Rushford, A. Harris

This week we hosted Park Orchards at Quambee Reserve under the threat of gloomy skies and potential wet weather game of biblical proportions. Luckily the rain didn’t arrive until our match was well and truly done, which is one benefit from our 7:15am arrival.

After suffering another round of injuries last week, the girls had to dig deep and they managed to recruit a few new players to fill in this week to give us a bench to work our rotations through.Gratefully Lily Peacock, Ash O’Callaghan who is the wife of Reserves Coach Paul O’Callaghan and Alice Harris’ Mum, Katie were all willing to help the team this week.

A special mention to our first Mother Daughter teammates, it was a special delight to see them joining in a few passages of play together, and the delight of Alice to have her Mum and mentor take the field together is what we are all about at North Ringwood.

About the game, we were jumped in the first quarter by a very determined Park Orchards team, they managed three goals against us and had a lot of the run.

A tight second quarter saw both teams lock down their defence and the ball travelled to and fro without any second quarter score, going into the half time break the girls were up for the challenge of a come from behind win. The back six were challenged time and time again, Chelsea stood up to the contest and marked the wet ball skillfully, Kylie at full back was great at attacking the ball head on and gave us great attacking depth from our kick ins.

Coach Joel set the girls the challenge to roll their sleeves up and grind out a win, we were able to create the forward entries but unable to capitalise with enough major scores to get our nose in front, and Park Orchards to their credit scored another goal to stretch their lead at the final break.

Clearly from our score board it was a tough day for the forwards, Laura and the skipper were being tightly checked by a spirited defence, luckily our small forwards were able to create shots on goal with Jas being our only goal scorer, a great effort in slippery conditions.

A spirited fourth quarter with repeated forward entries gave us enough opportunities to steal the game but alas we couldn’t convert and went down in a valiant effort.

Special mentions to a few players are required, firstly to our fill ins, who all acquitted themselves well and importantly gave us a chance to get some rest into our hard-running players during the game.

Rushy impressed again with her hardness in the contest again and again, in one instance backing back into a pack with great courage and conviction.

Elyse played with an intensity and strength that is becoming a trademark of her game style, she inspires with her ferocious tackling and strength in the tussles, another hard nut Michaela, was a welcome return player after missing a few games with a broken finger. Eliza played her best game yet, her second game in a row where she shows signs of her growing confidence in attacking the ball at full pace, keep it up Eliza.

Caity Shinnick played her best game yet, standing up in defence taking a number of marks under immense pressure.

A standout game by our youngest player Alice Harris, maybe she was inspired by her Mum running out next to her, whatever it was she needs to bottle it, Alice was everywhere and is another player growing in confidence to take the game on with run and attack on the ball.

Its an exciting time to see the team developing after only nine games under their belts.

Lets get back on the track and ready to take on Donvale away next week.

Phil Harris