Match Report Round 10 v Rowville


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Rowville 5.2-32 11.4-70 14.7-91 15.9-99
North Ringwood 1.6-12 4.10-34 4.13-43 8.16-64

Goal Kickers: M. Apeness 2, J. Hoegel 2, J. Vanunen, D. Harris, A. Sharp, A. Fenton

Best Players: A. Fenton, J. Petracca, J. Ireland, K. Eliott, N. Lowden, J. Hoegel

With 3 key defenders out for this game (2 with season ending injuries) it was going to be a very tough day fronting up to Rowville, the equal second placed team in the Premier League at their home ground.

We started off quickly in the first quarter with several inside 50’s for no goals but several misses. Rowville started their running game and were beating us on the outside for several goals. Mid way through the quarter we kicked our only goal with a scramble in the goal square and a kick off the ground by Jayden Hoegel. In the second half of the quarter we had many chances for goals but were let down by terrible inaccuracy in front of goal. To add to our woes Rowville kicked a goal right on the siren. Same scoring shots for the 1st quarter but 20 points down.

Paris pleaded with the players at quarter time to straighten up their kicking for goal. Unfortunately this did not sink in as our first 3 shots on goal for the second quarter were points. Finally Mick Apeness kicked our first goal for the quarter with a strong mark. Rowville on the other hand did not miss when shooting for goal. A couple of skill errors allowed goals to Rowville.

Whist we were well down on the scoreboard we continued to battle hard in the second half. Jake Ireland was playing well off half back and Kyle Eliott was doing a good job in the ruck. Things got even tougher in the third quarter when Jayden Van Unen and Josh Kennedy left the field with game ending injuries.

The coach asked the boys at ¾ time to win the last quarter which we did (in fact we won the second half). Aaron Fenton, Jack Whelan and Nick Lowden were tough at the ball all day and gave us plenty of drive around the packs. All players were committed in the last quarter and tried their hardest. It was a great effort considering the players we had off injured and that several others were obviously playing injured. Anthony Sharpe took a mark on the boundary line and slotted the ball through the middle of the goals, showing the boys how goals should be kicked.

In the end we had equal scoring shots to Rowville and as much of the ball as them. Supporters left the ground disappointed with the loss but were very pleased with the effort shown by our players in adverse conditions. We now look forward to next week’s big clash at Quambee Reserve against our rivals Norwood.

Go Saints!

Report by: Neil Sheppard


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Rowville 3.3-21 7.5-47 10.9-69 21.10-136
North Ringwood 0.3-3 2.3-15 3.3-21 3.3-21


Goal Kickers: J. Hollingsworth, A. Miles, D. Wright

Best Players: A. Miles, D. Wright, M. Sproles, G. Conyers, J. Tyler, J. Sultana


Round 1; Rowville had touched us up on the score board and we were keen to make amends and be very competitive.

The start to the day wasn’t ideal, with a number of players being unavailable since the selection on Thursday – meaning we only had 17 to start the game (including both coaches).

Our focus was to be extremely competitive and have a real crack. The boys deserve some real credit for the efforts in the first half managing to do this. Playing short on the field, we were able to impact the game and credit scoring opportunities give ourselves an opportunity. We pressured around the footy and were extremely competitive. Having Garry Conyers and Adam Miles into the team gave us some strong flare through the midfield, along with solid work from Jake Cullen, Ash Goldsmith, Jordan Sultana and Jake Moss.

Just prior to half time we were accompanied by Jesse Spence and Xavier Finta to give us some balancing numbers. Massive effort from the guys to drive post their full game at Blackburn to Rowville to help us out – which was greatly appreciated.

We went in at half time down; but felt like we were in the contest.

The third quarter was again not a bad quarter of footy but had a couple down with cramping and the blood rule and were limited on the oval for the entirety of the quarter – but were still able to kick 1.1 and keep Rowville to 3.4. Couple of really good efforts from Dan Wright Jnr, Jake Tyler and Jake Hollingsworth kept us right in the contest

Unfortunately, the last quarter really blew out. We ran out of legs and where limited with players rotations, which is a bit disappointing for the group, but the efforts for the entire day need to be commended.

Earlier in the year Rowville beat us by 147 points, and at 3 quarter time we were down by 116. This time round we were 8 goals down at 3qtr time, undermanned – which I think is a show of good improvement over the last 10 weeks.

As I have said after recent games, we are not far off our first win for the year. Heads up and back to the park to give Norwood a crack next week.

Go Saints.
Report by: Paul O’Callaghan


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.0-0 7.4-46 11.7-73 12.9-81
Boronia 0.0-0 2.1-13 3.3-21 4.3-27

The Vets took on Boronia at Quambee Reserve for our first game in three weeks, with no less than 10 inclusions. And there were some massive names in that ten. Two Wheatley’s, Matty Castle, Baz, Trav and Wheels the freak, all back from long term lay offs.

It took the boys 5 minutes to hit the scoreboard, then we started to play some good footy. Chucky was running amok, Big Schaf dominating in the middle, Muzz smashing blokes, Zuppa playing like a young Peter Bosustow and P Wheatley reminding us all of a young lad with the same name doing that at the MCG some years ago.

The game was played in good spirit but it was a bloody tough contest and we ran out comfortable winners.


– Chucky dominating everything, but trying to punch on with their two ruckman was a classic.

– Wheat’s 80m barrel from full back that Phil dropped in the middle of the ground.

– The pure class of Stevey Garrett, Wheats and Brons

– Wheels kicking 3 without breaking into a jog

– Parksey on fire at fullback

– And Zuppa

Lowlights- Eug doing a hammy and the heartbeat, motivator and Andrew Denton of the Vets, Jobbies doing his calf in the last quarter when he was about do plenty.

Best- Chucky Wheats Zuppa Bronson Muzza Parksey Garrett Billy Schaf and everyone else.

Cheers, Robo