Lady Saints Premiers In First Year

(Photo’s courtesy Sharon Jones Photography)


Story by Mark Jonas

Hi Sainters

No one likes math’s but here is a small equation for you.

What does, 64 quarters, approx 1,300 minutes, 171 Goals, 161 points, 28 Girls ranging from 17 years old to…. (well lets say the 17 year old Mum is part of the team, so that is enough from me!), a Coach that is a past Junior & Senior Champion and an Assistant Coach that has already been part of 5 Premierships at NRFC equal? Well let me tell you, it equals our “First ever Senior Women’s Premiership”!!

That’s right our Senior Women won the Premiership yesterday in blistering style by 54 Points against local rival Park Orchards.

Final Score:

Saints: 1.1  4.3  6.5  10.9.69
PO:      1.0  1.0  2.1    2.3.15

Goals: Tayla Deane 3, Jacinta Rusell 2, Jorja van Unen 2, Mel Gilmore 1, Abby Moore 1, Lauren Harris 1.
Best: Tayla Deane, Mel Gilmore, Chelsea van Unen, Natalie Wilson, Jorja van Unen, Sherie Wood.

Congratulations also to Tayla Deane who was awarded the “Blue Ribbon” Medal for Best on the Ground as voted by the field Umpires.

Just to set the scene. It was a beautiful sunny Spring day. Mulgrave Reserve was as good as the MCG on Grand Final day but in typical fashion the wind was blowing a gale on the opposite side of the ground. l am pretty sure the wind got stuck in the trees back in the 80’s and never left; and once again it was going to have a say in the result of this game if not played correctly.

Our girls kicked into the wind in the first quarter and struck early with the first goal. PO kicked a late goal but we went into the first break a point up which was a great result considering the advantage it was kicking with the wind and down hill.

Second quarter we piled them on kicking 3.2 and keeping them scoreless, if fact I think they only got past the centre a few time with our super back 6 repelling each time pushing the ball forward with ease. Our girls going into the main break 21 points up and one hand on the cup. But we all knew that the 3rd was going to be the make or break quarter.

As it turned out it was the “Premiership” quarter for us, with our girls kicking 2.2 into cyclone Tracey and restricting PO to 1.1 with the wind going into the last with nearly a 5 goal lead.

With just about two hands on the cup, all our girls had to do was kick the first and break the back of Park Orchards and then just enjoy the last quarter of 2019; and that is exactly what our girls did. With now a 6 goal lead, not only did our girls enjoy themselves they actually went to another level, taking massive overhead marks, hits on bodies like Yeates on Brereton in the 89 Grand Final and then to rub salt in the wound they piled on another 3.3 and only allowing PO to take the ball forward 2 or 3 times restricting them to 2 points, running out massive winners by 54 Points.

In simple terms, our girls were just brilliant and did not put a foot wrong all day and end of the day were by far the best team all year and rightly deserved to be crowned the “PREMIERS”!.

To all our members, supporters and Senior players, the support that you gave our girls this year was fantastic and went a big way to help our girls have such an successful year.

In saying that though, their is one man and his family that needs to be thanked even more and that is Steve & Jacki Wooten and their children Summer, Jesse, Mahi & Cleo.

The Wooten family have been a major part of the girls success this year, not just as supporters but allowing these girls to take the field in their specially designed jumpers proudly displaying Steve’s business on the back, “Dynamic Retail Solutions”. To Steve & Jacki, “Thank You” for everything you have done this year.

Please see a photo below of the Wooten family with cup, flag and the girls.

Once again to our Premiership Girls, Congratulations on everything you have been able to achieve this year and we can’t wait to see you all defend the title in 2020. We now turn our attention to this Thursday night when Lauren Harris and Chelsea van Unen attend the league Best and Fairest. Good luck girls.

Go Saints!