Starting Round 15, 1st September

Pick 1 winner from a single game of your choice for each round, if they win you move to the next round, if they lose you are eliminated. $50 per entry, 1st prize = Half of the entry money (other half goes to the club)

Rules :

  • Tips for Round 15,16,17,18, must be in by email to by 4:00pm Tuesday 1st September 2020
  • You can enter as many times as you like @ $50/entry up until 4:00pm 1st September 2020
  • Once we enter finals, those still live will also be required to enter a margin
  • Margin only comes into play if you have selected the winning team.
  • If margin is tied eg: pick 30pt and pick 42pt and exact margin was 36pt then the higher amount wins (42pt)
  • Drawn game = Loss to both selections
  • If everyone is eliminated prior to Finals and multiple entries go out in that round there will be a bonus round for the next week with those entrants to select winning margin also. If everyone is eliminated again in this round, the win pool will be divided by number of entries live until now
  • Grand Final margin, if 2 or more people pick the same team and margin the win pool will be divided by amount of people
  • If Grand Final is drawn at normal full time the winner/s will be decided by completion of extra time or replayed game (whatever teams name goes in the record books as winning season 2020)

How to enter :

  • Pay $50 into BSB 633000 Acc 153661673
  • Comment your name and “tipping”

Take a screen shot and text to 0437 370 099 or email to