Interview with Sharn Coombes

Sharn Coombes is the most competitive person I have met.

Driven, focused yet extremely grounded.

Sharn was sworn in as one of Victoria’s youngest barristers in 2000.

In next 20 years she would rise through the ranks to become Victoria’s crown prosecutor.

She would also run close to 10 marathons, including 4 Hawaiian marathons, several ultra marathons, triathlons , while raising 4 kids with her husband, who is also a barrister.

In 2018 and 2019 she would enter Survivor against some of the most competitive people around, making it to the Final 2, twice.

Sharn came down to Quambee early last year with Moana Hope and talked with 120 of our women and junior players about aspirations, careers, football and survivor. It was a fantastic evening and enjoyed by all.

Please enjoy the interview.

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Lee Robinson