Football Update


I hope everybody is doing well at these difficult times. The fact that some bans were lifted last week, allowing us to start seeing family and friends in small numbers has started to give a hint of normality returning to our everyday lives.

Even though some sanctions have been lifted in regards to group trainings (10 people), AFL Victoria are keeping ALL clubs sanctioned training in place until Sunday 31st May, at a minimum, which includes all Victorian leagues and clubs.

There are a lot of challenges moving forward, whether the season goes ahead or not. We are awaiting news, which we expect on the 1st June, whether the season will commence. If the season goes ahead, it will be extremely challenging. The EFL have stated, that if the season starts, June 27th will be round 1, as any later start than this isn’t viable for a 9 round competition.

There is so much of the unknown. Can we have crowds? Can we open clubrooms? What’s the expectation from the Council being Covid 19 ready? If there is no revenue, how do we deal with this? The list goes on and on….

At the moment, we don’t have access to our clubrooms, which we are expecting to be lifted in the coming days & weeks. Some good news, the change rooms are 99.9% finished (photo’s below). They look fantastic and with the completion of the resurfacing of Quambee’s main oval have given the precinct a great facelift. The light towers are due to go up this week, then the external landscaping will follow.

Once we have some more news, we will keep all of our Sainters community up to speed.

Take Care.

Lee Robinson – President