Football Operations Update

Fantastic news coming out of Quambee Reserve.
Over the past month, our Football Operations department have been busy meeting with our players online and signing them for the 2021 season.
So far we have signed 45 senior players from our 2020 list.
It’s been a really difficult year with COVID-19 and with the dramatic changes to the salary cap in 2021, we have been busy cementing our core list for next year.
It started with Senior Coach Robbie Nahas, Senior Assistant Mark Sandilands and Reserves coach Jamie Redfern, who have all committed and look forward to 2021 and beyond.
From there, we have been slowly making our way through the list, speaking to every player, discussing commitment and expectations in 2021.
The signed list is headlined by Club Captain Aaron Fenton and the Leadership Group.
We are extremely happy in the response from every player interviewed and even happier that we haven’t lost any players for season 2021.
We will be actively reviewing our list on a regular basis and recruiting players to fill positions required.
More photos of the oval, landscaping and surrounds are below.