EFL Division 1 Draw 2017.


Hi Sainters.

Divvy 1 draw for 2017 has been released.

Note we have 3 Sunday games in 2017. Two against East Ringwood, including Round 1, and one against South Croydon, who we play twice in the year.

We also play Balwyn, Norwood, Doncaster and Bayswater twice, and play Noble Park, Rowville, Vermont, Blackburn and Montrose once only.

Bring on Saints Season Seventeen!!!!

Go Saints!!!!

Saturday 8/04/2017 Balwyn V Vermont
Bayswater V South Croydon
Blackburn V Norwood
Montrose V Doncaster
Noble Park V Rowville
Sunday 9/04/2017 North Ringwood V East Ringwood
Good Friday Blackburn v Balwyn
Saturday 22/04/2017 Norwood V Noble Park
Vermont V Montrose
Doncaster V North Ringwood
Rowville V Balwyn
East Ringwood V Bayswater
Anzac Day South Croydon V Blackburn
Tuesday 25/04/2017
Saturday 29/04/2017 Rowville V Montrose
Doncaster V Norwood
East Ringwood V Noble Park
Bayswater V Vermont
Sunday 30/04/2017 North Ringwood V South Croydon
Saturday 6/05/2017 Balwyn V Doncaster
South Croydon V East Ringwood
Norwood V North Ringwood
Vermont V Rowville
Noble Park V Blackburn
Montrose V Bayswater
Saturday 13/05/2017 Senior Interleague
Saturday 20/05/2017 South Croydon V Vermont
Blackburn V Bayswater
Noble Park V North Ringwood
Balwyn V East Ringwood
Rowville V Doncaster
Norwood V Montrose
Saturday 27/05/2017 Doncaster V Blackburn
East Ringwood V Norwood
Vermont V Noble Park
Bayswater V Rowville
Montrose V South Croydon
North Ringwood V Balwyn
Saturday 3/06/2017 Balwyn V Norwood
Rowville V Blackburn
Vermont V East Ringwood
  Montrose V North Ringwood
Doncaster V South Croydon
Bayswater V Noble Park
Saturday 10/06/2017 Noble Park V Balwyn
South Croydon V Rowville
Norwood V Vermont
Blackburn V Montrose
North Ringwood V Bayswater
East Ringwood V Doncaster
Saturday 17/06/2017 Bayswater V Balwyn
Montrose V Noble Park
Blackburn V North Ringwood
Vermont V Doncaster
Rowville V East Ringwood
South Croydon V Norwood
Saturday 24/06/2017 Balwyn V Montrose
Doncaster V Bayswater
East Ringwood V Blackburn
Noble Park V South Croydon
Norwood V Rowville
North Ringwood V Vermont
Saturday 1/07/2017 Balwyn V Blackburn
South Croydon V North Ringwood
Montrose V Rowville
Norwood V Doncaster
Noble Park V East Ringwood
Vermont V Bayswater
Saturday 8/07/2017 Doncaster V Balwyn
East Ringwood V South Croydon
North Ringwood V Norwood
Rowville V Vermont
Blackburn V Noble Park
Bayswater V Montrose
Saturday 15/07/2017 Vermont V Balwyn
Norwood V Blackburn
Sunday 16/07/2017 East Ringwood V North Ringwood
Saturday 22/07/2017 Doncaster V Montrose
Rowville V Noble Park
South Croydon V Bayswater
Saturday 29/07/2017 Noble Park V Norwood
Montrose V Vermont
North Ringwood V Doncaster
Balwyn V Rowville
Bayswater V East Ringwood
Blackburn V South Croydon
Saturday 5/08/2017 Noble Park V Doncaster
North Ringwood V Rowville
Blackburn V Vermont
South Croydon V Balwyn
Norwood V Bayswater
East Ringwood V Montrose
Saturday 12/08/2017 Balwyn V Noble Park
Rowville V South Croydon
Vermont V Norwood
Montrose V Blackburn
Bayswater V North Ringwood
Doncaster V East Ringwood
Saturday 19/08/2017 Vermont V South Croydon
Bayswater V Blackburn
North Ringwood V Noble Park
East Ringwood V Balwyn
Doncaster V Rowville
Montrose V Norwood
Saturday 26/08/2017 Blackburn V Doncaster
Norwood V East Ringwood
Noble Park V Vermont
Rowville V Bayswater
South Croydon V Montrose
Balwyn V North Ringwood