Daniel “44” Wood notches up 150 with Saints.


(All Photos courtesy “Sharon Jones Photography” and thanks to Woody’s good mate Todd Morgan for help with content.

Story by Mark Jonas.

Hi Sainters
As is the case every year new players turn up to pre-season and we all wonder, are they any good, will they fit in and stay?
Well in 2011 we struck gold with a young 20 year old in Daniel Wood who made his way over from Scoresby FC, to hopefully get more Senior time on the field and to be with a few of his mates from High School days, in Todd Morgan, Matty Weeks & Joel Stephens.

Now this coming Saturday and 9 years later, our Club Champ will step onto Quambee for his 150th Senior Game with his beloved Saints!

From day one, “Woody” has had an immediate impact, on and off the field and with all players, members and supporters at our club.
“Woody” has always been a very versatile player that “Moyley” and other coaches could just throw anywhere to fill a hole but defiantly found his home on the back flank where he was just “Mr Reliable” week in, week out.
He has always been a quick rebounding back-man with a strong pair of hands with a long penetrating right foot. A back-man that didn’t mind going for a run every now and then down the wing to kick a goal and tell you about it after the game especially a forward if he didn’t kick one for the game!

Despite being one of our best back-men in the last decade, l have been told by a very reliable source that you don’t need to ask him about the 2 goals he kicked in both our 2012 & 2014 Grand Finals……as he will just tell you anyway!! But lets face it, who wouldn’t?

As a player, he has always been vocal on the field as a leader, sticking to team structures and making sure those around him are doing exactly the same. A great leader, who had no problem letting you know if you made an error but also a player to get around a team mate to give advice, guidance and support as well as a pat on the back for a great tackle or goal, he is just a natural gifted to lead.
Daniel has always been a player to lead from the front with either an intercept mark or third man up to punch a ball clear, this becoming a specialty and highlight of his game.
Woody always backed team goals and structures over any individual & only ever wanted what was best for the team at both training and on game day.
Off the field, Woody was also a leader and great Clubman. Thursday nights he was a pest trying to keep players back to play poker so he could hang out with his great mates and well as trying to take their money! He also would be the first to get around the boys to make sure that they were doing their jobs around the club to make it easier on the Committee and other volunteers as well as doing a lot of work to keep the club gym up to speed.

Daniel approaches his life away from the footy club the same as he does at the footy club, with total professionalism, enthusiasm and 110% dedication.
Daniel and his mate Josh not only started up their own landscape business some time ago, Eastern Landscapes, they have turned into one of the best going around, even putting money back into the club becoming a “Silver Sponsor” in 2017.
Daniel also over the last few years has become dedicated to raising money for things close to his heart.

Unfortunately with injuries and more important family commitments in his life, 2019 has been a tough year for our champ and knowing that playing is a risk to his body all he wants to do is play his 150th with his mates and his beloved Saints.
Woody can only be described as true friend, gentleman, clubman and champion of the NRFC and l ask that we get to Quambee Reserve this Saturday at 12 noon to cheer and support Woody on in his 150th as he has been doing for years.
Woody, below is a comment from one of your great mates mentioned at the start, i will let you decide who it was?!
“ask him how good he is and he will tell you and then remind you that he has two Premiership Medals at home and ask you where yours are”!

Below are some stats and Achievements for Daniel “44” Wood:
Games: 150 (129 Senior / 21 Reserve)
Debut:  Reserves – Rd 1, 2.4.11 v Whitehorse Pioneers Seniors – Rd 3, 16.4.11 v Ringwood
Goals: 58
Named as Best: 35 Times
2011 – Played in the 2011 Division 3, Reserves Grand Final (Runners Up) – Named in the best & kicked 2 Goals
2012 – Presented with the “Coaches Choice Award” (B.Moyle) at Presentation Night
2012 – Premiership Player in the Division 3 Senior Grand Final – Named in the best & kicked 2 Goals
2014 – Premiership Player in the Division 2 Senior Grand Final – Kicked 2 Goals
2016 – Was Presented with the “Players Choice Award” at Presentation Night
2017 – Named in the Senior Leadership Group
2017 – Named on the Interchange in the NRFC “Team of the Decade” 2007 – 2016
Woody, all the best for Saturday mate, you are just a champion of our club!