I would like to announce that Paris Harvie, Senior Coach and Eugene Hansen Senior Assistant Coach will not be coaching the club in 2020. After waiting 3-4 weeks for them to accept the clubs offer to continue in 2020 and beyond, on Monday night they officially declined the offer. They both will continue to coach out the last game on Saturday against Vermont.

The reason for them to decline the coaching was mainly a different view on our future direction of our club. I believe, and so does the committee, that we are a community club and that our strength is in our people, our families, and our juniors. It is important that as a community club we continue to involve local businesses for support, local people for guidance, and use their knowledge of our club history to be successful.

We are competing in Premier Division in one of the hardest competitions in Melbourne. The EFL competition is currently seeing many changes including, a competition re-structure into five divisions, a salary cap restriction, a player points system and a competition dealing with the influx of external VFL players.

Even with all of these challenges, I feel that our best method to be successful is to teach and develop our local players starting at the juniors and through to U/19s and into the seniors. We will not shy away from our commitment to our loyal North Ringwood community and to our direction.

The Club will go through an extensive interview process to find the best available coach to continue to grow our club in 2020 and beyond.

Lee Robinson
President NRFC