Club Sponsor – Brett Moyle – Homeloan Saint

Brett Moyle – A True Saint
All local sporting clubs have to make hundreds of decisions each year, a lot straight forward but still there are decisions that you just need to take a punt on and hope it comes off.
One of those decisions confronted the Committee in 2009 around the appointment of a Senior Coach for the 2010 season.
As a club we had been struggling for some time finishing second bottom 3 years running in Division 2 before finally being relegated in Division 3 for the 2009 season.
While winning 8 games in 2009 and performing better, we still finished 7th and only a few games more than last place side. Last thing we wanted was to eventually end up in Division 4, so we knew changes had to be made.
The decision was made to select a panel consisting of Kevin Smith, Peter Castles, Brad Green and David Tucker to test the waters and advertise for applicants and to see what was out there.
Unfortunately after 6 years down the wrong end of the ladder, we were not heavily inundated with applicants but did receive a couple to go along with the current Senior coach but both new applicants came with a very strong playing resume in both local and AFL level and as we were potentially looking for a playing coach who could bring new faces with them, both fitted the bill nicely.
With the interviews completed & the recommendation from the subcommittee in, the decision was made to go with 29-year-old Brett Moyle who was still the current captain at Balwyn but was looking at getting into coaching so a Division 3 team was the perfect fit for a first time coach.
Do need to add here, that as a club we are extremely lucky that Brad Green, a young man and lifelong North Ringwood player and member, had not only had a connection with Moyle while at Balwyn but had untapped football knowledge for a man of his age and also the smarts to approach Brett about being coach and convince him that it would be a great move despite Moyley politely declining at first after just captaining Balwyn to a Premiership in 2008. To be completely honest, if not for Brad Green, the great man would never have landed at Quambee.
A week later, President, Kevin Smith and Vice President Mark Jonas took Brett Moyle out to lunch at a café in Moorabbin to get the signature in concrete. Don’t judge us, money was tight and it was a classy café!!
As a club we were excited to say the least. Brett who played 48 Games with St.Kilda from 2000-2004 under the guidance of Malcolm Blight and Grant Thomas and then 5 years at Balwyn under playing Coach Daniel Harford, winning two Premiership one as Captain in 2008. The news that Moyley was our new playing coach spread quickly through the EFL and suddenly North Ringwood was back on the radar.
Unfortunately bad news followed only a few weeks later that Moyley had done his knee with Balwyn late in the season and would have to sit 12 months out. While it was disappointing it was still exciting to have Moyley coaching our boys….but as it happened another look at the knee came back in our favour and Brett Moyle would take to mud at Quambee with 43 on his back, a number that had been with Brett for a long time.
As they in the classics, “The rest is history”! In Moyley’s first year, we finished in second place and played in 2 finals, unfortunately losing both but an unbelievable turnaround in 12 months.
In 2011, we finished minor Premiers, played in 3 finials and made the Grand Finals but were thumped by Doncaster.
In 2012, Brett and the boys had unfinished business. Once again finishing Minor Premiers with only 3 defeats for the year, Moyley and the boys finally brought home our first Premiership Cup since 1999. In what still stands as the biggest winning margin for a Grand Final in the history of the EDFL/EFL/EFNL, we defeated Glen Waverley Hawks – 25.25.175 to 5.8.38. We were back to Divi 2.!
Ironically, Glen Waverley’s score of 5.8.38 was exactly the same to the goal and point of our score the year before in our Grand Final defeat to Doncaster.
First season in Divi 2 saw us more than competitive finishing in 3 spot but losing our one and only final but knowing we were not too far off in a higher division.
In 2014, Brett made the decision that if we were going to win a divi 2 flag he needed to be a full time coach from the sidelines and decided to hang up the boots. The decision to do this paid off.
Finishing the season as Minor Premiers yet again with only two defeats, we played off in the Grand Final defeating Croydon, 18.14.122 to 7.9.51.
In 5 short years, Brett Moyle had taken our club from the bottom of Division 3 all the way to Division 1, the first time since we last played in the top Division since 2002.
After a solid and successful season in Division 1, finishing in 8th position winning 6 games and Brett knowing that the club was in a very strong position in the top flight of the comp, Brett stood down as Senior coach to concentrate and give more time to both his family and business.
At the 2015 Presentation Night, Brett Moyle was rewarded for his outstanding achievements at the club, being bestowed with the honour of “Life Member”.
In 2016, Brett’s next stage at the club was about to start when he very generously committed to the club for 3 seasons as a Major Sponsor with his business, “Home Loan Saint”, which he started during his first year at the club. His business name would now be proudly displayed on the back of all Senior Jumpers for seasons 2016-2019 at the club he had given life to again. As it stands still to this day, Brett’s sponsorship commitment to the club continues and it still a Major Sponsor after 6 years with Home Loan Saints still proudly on the back of all Senior Jumpers as well as being on our club polo.
Brett completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Deakin University whilst playing footy at St Kilda but he came out of the system at 24 with a degree but no real work experience at all. As Brett had an interest in real estate to go along with his finance background, he was drawn to the Mortgage Broking game with both industries linking together.
With Brett going straight to the Balwyn Football Club after leaving St Kilda, the then President and still current President Richard Wilson, invited Brett to work for his company AllBanx. Brett worked there for 5 years across two different broking organizations before going it alone and starting up “Home Loan Saint” in 2010 in his first full year at our club.
The name “Home Loan Saint” perfectly describes what Brett and his business are all about.
Home Loan Saint is primarily a residential Mortgage Broker but Brett can also assist with commercial property purchase and after 16 years in the industry and 11 of those years on his own with Home Loan Saint, there isn’t much that Brett doesn’t know about one of the most important decisions you are faced with in your life, getting the right loan for your home.
In Brett’s own words, “l love to help first Home buyers, there is a little more work involved but it is very rewarding. Brett says, he also enjoys the challenge of helping investors (big or small), achieve their goals also.
Brett went on to say that, “What I offer to the NRFC is that you will be dealing with me and not someone that you are “handballed” on. You will get my best efforts and honest advice and guidance”
As Brett mentions, he will give you his honest advice and let’s face it, in these tough times we are going through at the moment, it is pure honesty that we all need, especially when dealing with housing loans.
Home Loan Saint is basically a family business, with Brett and his wife Jill and their “Brady Bunch” blended family as he refers to them as with a smile on his face but something that he cherishes so much. Since finishing up after years of football commitments, Brett and Jill have put all their energy into the business along with trying to get away on as many family holidays as possible to Bali, the Gold Coast and on a cruise as well as trying to give time to their 3 little fur babies also which no doubt provide plenty of entertainment to the whole family.
Brett finishes off with saying, “that he is so proud to be a Life Member of the NRFC. The people are the best part of the club. Many people who are volunteers, members of the committee and players, he would now class as lifelong friends”.
As you are aware with all that is going on with covid, it has never been a better time to make sure you have the right loan and advise for your home loan.
Brett has given so much to our club and is a massive reason why we are in the top flight in the EFNL, so please if you are shopping around, make Brett and Home Loan Saint your first point of call.
Home Loan Saint
(m) 0439 310 066
Now we all know a bit more about Brett and how he landed at North Ringwood, it is time to learn a little more with “30 Seconds with Brett”

  • What AFL Team do you support ? – St.Kilda
  • Favourite Holiday destination? – Bali
  • What was your favourite toy as a kid? – My Footy or any ball for that matter
  • What is your favourite love song – Everything has Changed – Ed Sherrin
  • Which TV sitcom family would you like to be part of? – The Barons from everyone loves Raymond
  • If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be? – No one. Everyone has their challenges & l’m happy with my life.
  • If you could be part of one event from history, which one would it be? – The 2000 Olympic Games.
  • What would you like to be talented at ? – Fixing things. I am more of a pen pusher and admire tradespeople with the ability to fix things with their hands, which I have zero ability to do.
  • Who is the most annoying person at the club you would like the cops to arrest? – The Sharp Brothers, especially after a few beers.
  • What is your favourite pizza topping? – Anything spicy
  • Where was the most inappropriate/embarrassing place you farted? – In the shower.
  • Do you remember your Wedding date? – I do. 28/11/2015.
  • How would you spend your last $100? – $50 each way on the best of the day at Flemington and all of a sudden I have more than $100.

Thanks Brett and “Home Loan Saint” for being such a big part of the NRFC and for all you have done for our Club?