Story by Mark Jonas

Hi Sainters

Don’t we all love a good news story? Well l do, so when I received the news that two of our Senior Women had been invited to the “2019 Eastern Region Women’s Best & Fairest” night, i just had to put it out there!
So on behalf of the NRFC, Congratulations to both, Lauren “Skip” Harris and Chelsea “CVU” vanUnen on being invited to the biggest night on the Easter Region Women’s Calendar.
The night will be held at Zonzo Estate in Yarra Glen in a fortnights time, Thursday 5th September.
As we know our Senior Women have had a great first year as a team, making it through to the Grand Final in just under 2 weeks time but that does not guarantee that we would have people invited to this night, especially in a team with so many good players taking votes of one another but as it appears our two girls have caught the Umpires attention on a few occasions.
What is amazing here though is both Lauren and Chelsea both basically missed half the season with serious injuries, so if one of them or both of them come away with an award, it will be a seriously great effort.
Thanks to Joel “Super Coach” Stephens for a brief description on both our stars.
Lauren – “Key forward, plays traditional full forward role. Loves leading up at the ball, has great hands & very accurate set shot. Smart with body positioning & knows where the goals are”
Chelsea – “Gun on ball player that has the ability to change a game with her run & carry breaking the lines. Great football smarts always knows where the ball is & makes the correct decisions”

Below are some stats for both our girls:

Lauren Harris (Captain)
Home & Away Game Played: 8 (Missed Rd’s: 5,6,7,10,11 & 14) Due to operation on a broken finger. Goals: 30 Named in the best (Club votes): 3 Times
Chelsea vanUnen (Vice Captain)
Home & Away Game Played: 6 (Missed Rd’s: 6,8 through to 14) Due to ruptured ankle ligaments.  Goals: 3 Named in the best (Club votes): 5 Times.
I will leave you with this thought…..
With Chelsea now playing at North Ringwood and being invited to the league B&F Count in only her first year of football, the question must be ask…. “Where did she get her football skill from?”
Is it from her:
3 x Colts Premiership Coach & EFL legend Dad, Dallas (for those old enough to remember the big man playing!), or is it from her 2 x Premiership Player and club champion brother Jayden, or is it just a plain and simple case that all the skill came from her club champion Mum, Karen?
Maybe we should take a vote via “Comments”!
Good luck on the night girls!