Presentation Night 2018 Best And Fairest Awards

Pictured above: Aaron Fenton, Zac Badrock, Jack Whelan, Tim Badrock, Jayden vanUnen

Hi Saints fans.

Message below from NRFC President Lee Robinson:

The North Ringwood 2018 Presentation night was held on Friday 14th of September at the Grand Hotel in Warrandtye.
It was a fantastic night with over 140 people in attendance.

Thankyou to all our wonderful committee and volunteers.
Massive shout out to the following people who make the club go round.

– Laura Gordon
– Peter Graham
– Jamie Roberts
– Joe Tunstall & Neil Cooper
– Huddo, Bailey & Rambo
– Dave Tucker & Trevor Glassborow
– Karen, Jill, Marcia, Kerrie., Sharon & Sally for all their hard work with the ladies day and general support.

as well as the committee, who work hard trying to make the club the best it can be.

Also thankyou to all our sponsors, for there continued support.
Principal Sponsor – MT Data

Plus our other 35 amazing sponsors, who support our club continually.
Airmaster, Larsen Homes, Etheridge Ford, Barnet Smash Repairs, Parkinson Group, Collins Plumbing, Eaglemount Group, Bounce, Steiner & Curtis, Procorp, Nomis, BGC Plaster, Jellis Craig, Climate Control, Australian Climate, Westrock, Michael Sukkar, David Hodgett, Plant Hire Solutions, Rosette Sheppard Celebrant, Hydraciv, Dynamic Retail Solutions, Noel Jones, Universal Plumbing Supplies Vermont, John Fautley Motors, TTFN Travel, Auswide Strata, Total Trade, Car Finance 4 you, Perennial Kitchens, Menz Club, Diamond Protection, Wirra Wonga, D L Air & Dynamic Built Constructions.

Netball Sponsors – Todd Morgan & Mark Jonas.

Thankyou Again for supporting NRFC.

The night combined senior football, under 19’s, Vets football and netball, which brought all of our senior club together on the one evening.

Here are the results from the evening

DES RYAN AWARD (best under 21) – Darcy Harris

SENIORS – Badrock Family Trophy
Winner – Jack Whelan – 33 votes
Runner Up – Aaron Fenton – 32 votes
Third – Jayden Van Unen – 30 votes
Most Improved – Josh Kennedy
Most Consistent – Heath Decker
Goal Kicking Award – Jayden Hoegal 35 goals

Winner – Michael Peart – 53 votes
Runner Up – Bailey Marshall – 52 votes
Equal Third – Jordan Ursich, Ash Goldsmith – 49 votes
Coaches Award – Mitch Cullan

UNDER 19 – Nick Dodd Award
Equal First – Mitch Heckley/Jacob Bell – 44 votes
Runner up – Blake Naismith 42 votes
Most Improved – Sean Stephens
Most Determined – Aiden Glassborow
Most Consistent – Lockie Sheild

Winner – Paige Stanley
Runner Up – Georgia Theos
Third – Brooke Johnston

Winner – Taniesha Luiyf
Runner Up – Chloe Zanon
Third – Leah Burgoyne

Winner – Eugene Koh – 20 votes
Runner Up – Simon Campbell- 19 votes
Des Ryan Award – Martin Curtis

Well done to all the awards winners.

Match Reports Round 18 v Norwood

Heath Decker carried off after his 150th game last week.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Jones Photography.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Norwood 5.5-35 8.11-59 9.13-67 11.17-83
North Ringwood 2.4-16 6.7-43 11.10-76 12.11-83

Our last game against the bitter rival and we were keen to maintain the Des Ryan Cup. The weather conditions were perfect.

We didn’t start well. Norwood were able to transition the ball forward from stoppages and from their half back too easily. Our transition running was not what we wanted and we seemed to be playing ‘bruise free’ footy. Harris started well on the wing and Locco started well intercepting some strong forward thrusts by Norwood. We were down by 21 points at quarter time.

Our intensity at the start of the second lifted. Our on ball group of Whelan, van Unen and Fenton got on top and actually won centre clearances 8-0 for the quarter. Dunne and Sheppard were providing good targets for us at half forward and Griffiths and Wood were also giving us a real presence forward. It was great to have Harry Nolan back and he was doing a great role on Leigh Williams (the competition’s best forward) and kept him goal-less for the day.

We closed the gap but then Norwood kicked a couple late in the quarter to still maintain a handy buffer, but I felt we were much more in the contest and had gained back control of the game.

In the third that continued where we kicked 5 for the quarter. Fenton spent 15 minutes on the bench and our mids still overwhelmed them. We had grabbed back the lead and led by 9 points at 3/4 time.

In the last quarter we got out to a good lead early and had a good opportunity to go 3 1/2 goals up at about the 15 minutes mark but didn’t grab that opportunity and Norwood kept coming. They kicked a couple of goals and were surging late with the ball locked down their end for 7-8 minutes. The scores were level when Michael Locco kicked a long ball into our forward 50 with under a minute to go and Matt Sheppard took an absolute hanger in the middle of the pack. He went back to kick the goal but the ball just missed. Norwood then were able to transition the ball the length of the ground in 15 seconds and had a mark deep in the pocket and one of their players marked and had a shot after the siren to win the game but missed and it ended in a draw.

The game was a very good spectacle and I would think both teams would think they had their chances to seal the win and also both could have easily lost so perhaps a draw was a fair result.

The season didn’t bring what we had hoped. We started well and finished quite well with 3 very strong efforts. The middle part of the season was hard work, but during those hard times we have discovered 3-4 quality young senior players that we might not have, and this will go well for the 2019 season. We have shown we can compete with the very best where we ran Vermont right to the wire twice. We will have a few return from injury after strong pre-seasons and with the addition of 2-3 of the right recruits I am very confident that we can seriously contend in the 1st year of the Premier Division of the EFL next year.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors and supporters for sticking with us during the year. Also, thanks to Lee Robinson and his committee for your support and I am certain the club in on the right track to make a giant leap in 2019.

Go Saints.


Goal Kickers: C. Dunne 2, M. Sheppard 2, J. Vanunen 2, D. Wood 2, M. Cullinan, D. Harris, J. Ireland, L. Taylor
Best Players: J. Whelan, J. Vanunen, H. Nolan, M. Locco, J. Sharp, D. Harris

Brett Moyle – Senior Coach



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Norwood 2.2-14 3.4-22 5.6-36 7.6-48
North Ringwood 1.1-7 2.4-16 4.5-29 7.6-48

We finished our season playing Norwood away and a strong performance last week.
Although the match did not have any implication to finals, it was important game for the group to
finish the season well and be rewarded for a solid last 4 weeks and year.
We started in 3rd gear unfortunately, which was due I think to the pressure and the run from our
opponent. Dan Wright after a strong season did his hamstring on the first kick of the day which also
did not help the cause. We then lost Jake Hollingsworth with an ankle after a solid start, which
brought out bench down to 3 by quarter time.
At quarter time, we were in the contest, but needed to lift the intensity at the contest and focus on
winning one on one footy.
Our second and third quarters we started to get moving, but we could not get on top of Norwood.
We had a yellow card to Toddy and 2 players coming off with blood rules at differing times – which
meant our bench was down to 1 in patches, something we haven’t had a great deal of this year. We
had stages of footy which were very strong and good movements of the footy, but let ourselves
down at the same time either finishing or turning the footy over.
The last quarter I asked the boys to lift and not let Norwood take the win from us… which they did,
but we couldn’t get the win either. The endeavour, intensity and desire in the last quarter got back
to our level of footy. We were strong at the contest, pushed forward hard and took opportunities in
front of goal. Prahn, Ash Goldsmith, Dan Cox and Max Dymond last quarters where outstanding.
Josh Taratuta had a massive day for us with limited rest and I thought Kaka throughout the entire
day was sensational. We managed to get in front by a goal, and was only an unlucky situation where
Norwood pounced on a turned over footy late and scored a goal brought the scores back even.
The last quarter, Jordy Uricsh was so critical in defence and both Mitch Cullen and Bailey Marshall
were solid.
The finish was unique, a draw which the seniors also had the same feeling. It is a strange occurrence,
and is disappointing not to win, but at the same time I am very proud of the boys to dig in and leave
nothing in the tank and almost steal the win. It shows a great deal of character, when the result will
not affect the season results, but is critical for the club and our pride.
We now in our last 3 games against Norwood have won 2 and drawn one.
As a group, the season has been good. We have managed 7.5 wins (up from 5 last year), we have
had a number of boys get an opportunity to play senior footy, and barring 2 games earlier in the year
have been very competitive each week, with strong and consistent numbers.
Development is now key for this group. On Saturday and for previous weeks, we had 17 or so 19/20-
year-old players running around in the reserves, which is fantastic. To be competitive each week
against some very experienced and strong teams shows the boys we are up to the required
standard, we just need to continue to develop – both physical and mental and be willing to push for
further improvement. The player’s strength and running will continue to develop, with applications of beetroot and tuna juice. But this will not just happen with time, there needs to be application and desire.
Dave Tucker as our team manager for season has been again fantastic, and I thank him very much
for the effort and time he dedicates each week. Thanks also to Mark Fenton for helping and stepping
into the role for a couple of weeks whilst Dave was away earlier in the season.
Thanks to Dollar (Greg Chambers) for his assistance with coaching and support throughout the season, also to
Glenn Gordon, Rambo, the OC gang (Ray, Dan and Steve) and parents/friends and committee that
have helped throughout the season in several different roles. These are all critical to getting a team
on the park each week and we thank you all very much.
A big thank you to the Lee and the committee again for your support and efforts this year and the
focus effort provided to the reserves group, and to Brett for your continued support and guidance.
Go Saints.
Goal Kickers: T. Morgan 2, J. Hollingsworth, P. Nicholson, D. Cox, M. Kakaflikas, J. Cox
Best Players: J. Ursich, P. Nicholson, M. Kakaflikas, M. Cullen, A. Goldsmith, D. Cox, J.Taratuta

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach


Under 19s:

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Montrose 0.0 0.0 0.0 3.10-28
North Ringwood 0.0 0.1 1.1 14.18-102

Goal Kickers: P. Dunne 2, A. Glassborow 2, J. Braunthal 2, B. Sandilands 2, J. Bell, E. Sinn, D. Church, C. Williams, W. Lyall, T. Nathan
Best Players: W. Lyall, A. Glassborow, J. Bell, D. Wright, D. Church, J. Braunthal

Match Reports Round 17 v East Ringwood


Heath Decker 150 games & Tim Jones 100 games milestones.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Jones Photography.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 3.1-19 6.4-40 9.7-61 13.11-89
East Ringwood 1.1-7 3.1-19 3.2-20 5.3-33

We played the traditional rivals East Ringwood at home.

We had Heath Decker, having almost his best year ever, at 35 years of age playing his 150th game and Tim Jones playing his 100th. Well done to both of those boys.

After a close loss last week we wanted to start well and put East on the back foot. We lost Jones to a dislocated elbow 5 mins in and Locco late in the first quarter which made things tough.  However, with a couple of sharp handballs from Griffiths which led to our first 2 goals to Wood and Dunne we had a small break at quarter time. .

Our midfield,  led by van Unen who was clean in close on a difficult day with the conditions, were on top early.

The second quarter was bit of an arm wrestle. Hoegel looked dangerous forward and our back 6 were limiting East’s scoring but we had not fully taken advantage of the play we had. We led by a 21 points at half time.

The boys were urged to put the foot down in the third.

Joyner had a huge quarter. van Unen and Whelan also continued their good work around the ball and Hoegel kicked two for the quarter.

Our two ruckmen Cullinan and Mackinnon also got the better of a key duel in the middle.

In the end we finished the game off well for a pretty solid win. A great reward for the group who have been through a trying couple of months. We had an even contribution Saturday and lots of players could be classed as good or better on the day.

It would be great to finish off the season with a good win against Norwood this week.

Goal Kickers: J. Hoegel 4, A. Fenton 2, D. Wood 2, C. Dunne, M. Joyner, M. Sheppard, A. MacKinnon, M. Griffiths
Best Players: J. Vanunen, J. Petracca, M. Griffiths, A. MacKinnon, J. Ireland, J. Hoegel
Brett Moyle – Senior Coach.
North Ringwood 2.3-15 4.5-29 6.9-45 9.12-66
East Ringwood 2.1-13 2.1-13 2.2-14 5.3-33
 After 2 strong weeks on the park, we took on local rivals East Ringwood at Home Saturday, which is
our last home game for the year. As per all our home games this year, weather wasn’t great again –
but the boys were up and about and ready to create a W.
We started a little slow. We were doing enough to be in control of the game, but we allowed our
opposition a sniff and kept them in the contest.
At quarter time, we spoke about lifting the tempo and getting full control of the game, and the boys
did. We had the lion’s share of the ball and were able to transition the direction of the footy to suit
the conditions, quick, direct but changing direction when we could and it was on.
We kept East Ringwood scoreless in the 2nd , whilst kicking 2.2 ourselves.
The third quarter was much of the same to the second with the group taking full control and
management of ground and not giving East an opportunity to influence the score.
The last quarter we again hit the scoreboard well with 21 scoring shots for the day, but we gave east
Ringwood a couple opportunities which probably make the scoreboard reflect a closer result.
There were some really strong performances throughout the day as is great reward for the boys
after a couple of long weeks without a win. The last two games have been a really strong stepping
stone for us and we guys took our opportunity this week with 2 hands. It is also great to note that
we have 17 guys the week, and for the last couple of weeks, aged 19/20 in the squad, which is a
great positive.
Well done guys, and lets finish the season off on a high this week and get another W against our
other local rival in Norwood.
Go Saints.

Goal Kickers: J. Moss 5, A. Goldsmith, B. Khattar, P. Nicholson, T. Morgan
Best Players: A. Goldsmith, T. Morgan, J. Moss, M. Kakaflikas, J. Rouget, P. Nicholson, L.Brauntal

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach

Under 19s:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 0.2-2 0.2-2 1.4-10 1.5-11
Norwood 3.1-19 6.2-38 10.3-63 12.7-79

No Stopping Heath “Heata” Decker In Game150

Photos courtesy Sharon Jones Photography

Story by Mark Jonas

When you think about who have been some of the greatest Full Backs to grace the sporting field in Australia who have just got better with age and just can’t imaging retiring, who comes to mind to you? For me it is Dustin Fletcher (AFL), Billy Slater (NRL) and then there is our own and the one and only, Heath “Heata” Decker!!

This Saturday, along with good mate Tim Jones playing his 100th, Heath, at the tender age of 35, will take to the mighty Quambee Reserve to play his 150th Senior Game at North Ringwood and with only 3 months to go to his 36th Birthday, this is an amazing effort considering the position he plays along with playing week in, week out on some of the best Full forwards playing local football in Victoria and to be honest, still beating them considering he is up to 10 years their senior and usually much shorter than them.

Before we get to what Heath has achieved at our club, let’s go back (way back) to see how North landed this very talented athlete.

Heath started his Senior football at Warrandyte where he played for 3 years between 2002-2004, but in 2005 he turned his back on Aussie Rules to take up another love of his, American Football or Gridiron to us Aussies. Wanting to get the best out of himself in this sport he knew there was only one thing to do and what was that l hear you ask?…. well he moved to the USA and played in the Arena Football League, which l believe is a couple of steps down from the NFL and played one year with Conquest in 2008 and the Bossier-Shrevepot Battlewings in 2009 (Hope l got close to getting this right mate!)

On his return to Australia, Heath joined the Monash Warriors Gridiron team but as any true athlete does he decided that this punishing game on the body was just not quite enough so he also returned to Aussie Rules at the same time and lucky enough for us Heath, big brother Lincoln and the rest of the massive clan of Deckers joined their cousin Scott “Dooley” Lindsay down at North Ringwood and the rest is history.

Even though Heath played 17 games in his first year at the club (2010), Heath did not make his Senior debut till round 15 against Chirnside Park which we won 17.22.124 to 8.6.54. For the record books Heata kicked 2 goals in 2010 which still stand today as his only 2 goals in 149 games, but to be fair he has been stuck in the 10 metre white box at the opposite end of the ground since he kicked his last goal on the 14/8/2010, but based on the fact we kicked 21.20.146 to Whitehorse Pioneers 4.4.28, Moyley may have given everyone a turn at Full Forward that day!

It soon became evident that Heath had found his calling as an elite Full Back, and after 17 Senior games in 2011 and along with his brother Lincoln becoming a very handy back up ruckman to Tucky we knew we had something special with these two boys and given the fact they both had bodies of Greek Adonises we also knew we had at least two contestants for the Next “Man O Man” night!

After becoming a Premiership player in 2012, there was a massive sigh of relief from all Divi 3 full forwards but how would Heath go in Divi 2 against even better full forwards? Answer to the question, not a problem!. Heath just continued to fine tune his art and just got better leaving a trail of goalless forwards in his wake, no more than one of Heath’s biggest opponent in Divi 2 and leading goal kicker Brendan Weinert. These two boys had some brilliants tussles especially in 2014 when they came across each 4 times including the Second Semi and the Grand Final.

Even though Heath had made a name for himself by now within the EFL, he eventually put the whole club on the world map!

It was the week leading up to our Second Semi against Croydon that Heata had to break the news to Moyley that his Gridiron team had made the Vic Bowl Gridiron Championships (Grand Final) and that it was to be played at 6pm on the Saturday night only one hour after the completion of our Semi against Croydon and the main problem was it was being held in Bendigo and that he most likely would not be able to play the Croydon game as he was going to miss the Championship. As you can imagine this left Moyley with a huge problem.

Enter stage left, Club President Maurie Larsen who came up with a plan with Brett Moyley and Captain Max Melzer and what a plan it was.

Maurie had a good mate who had his own helicopter (but let’s face it, who doesn’t have a mate with a helicopter!)… anyway it just so happened Maurie’s mate was free, his helicopter was free and so was the best full back in the comp to play the semi final.

Kept as a big secret to very few, Heata took to the field at 2.10pm and lined up on Brendan. At ¾ time, the Saints up by 10 goals and Weinert dejected with only 1 goal against his name, Heath ran from the field and into a waiting helicopter just down the road at a near by Primary School with Gridiron bag and Mum in toe. Just as the players took to the field for the last quarter, a blue helicopter flew over the ground with one “Heataaaaa” given a big wave to the sea of red polos below him as by now the word had spread throughout the crowd to what was happening.

40 minutes later, Heath arrived in Bendigo and with only minutes to start time, he got changed on the sideline and took to the field and within minutes of the siren sounding he took a long ball down the side for a “TOUCH DOWN!!” In Heath’s own words “I felt like a Rock Star!”

Within days news of what had happened and papers and radio stations all around Victoria contacting Heath for interviews including the Hearld Sun, 3AW and the ABC, but it didn’t stop there and eventually media outlets in the USA started reporting this incredible story of what a local Melbourne Football Club was prepared to do to make sure one of their stars could play two finals in one day and for the record, Heath won both matches and two weeks later became a two time Premiership Player within 2 weeks.

Even though most people call him “Heata” or “Heataaaaaaa” depending on how much they have had to drink, it wasn’t until media oulets in Australia and America started to report this story, that Heath gave himself his own nick name “PRIME TIME” !!

What makes this story even more unbelievable is that Heath played both these matches and the EFL Grand Final two weeks later with a broken bone in his left arm, which also happens to be his main punching arm! (that’s the ball l mean, not his opponents)

Semi: North Ringwood 17.15.117 def Croydon 7.8.50

Vic Bowl Grad Final: Monash Warrior def the Geelong Buccaneers by 30 points.

Since NRFC have been in Division 1 (2015-present), Heath has just continued his status as one of the most feared full backs in the comp and he just appears to be getting better as he gets older and as it stands at present Heata could easily join a very elite club at North Ringwood and become our newest 200 game player since Matty Castles.

Below is a full wrap up of Heath “Heata” Decker’s achievements in his 149 appearances for the mighty Saints.

Games: 149

Goals: 2

Named in the Best Game day: 29 Times

2010: Senior debut

2012: Division 3 Premiership Player

2013: Awarded NRFC Club Award – The “Wayne Bradshaw” Perpetual Trophey, for Most Determined

2014: Division 2 Premiership Player

2014: Named Full Back in the EFL Division 2 “Team of the Year”

2017: Named Full Back in the “NRFC Team of the Decade 2007-2016”

Pretty sure Heath is also a two time Winner of Payno’s “Man O Man” nights!!

Heath has also been a regular member of the Senior Leadership Group.

Heath, you are a true Champion of our Club and from all your mates at North Ringwood, we wish you all the best for Saturday and that yourself and Tim can be carried from the field with a big win on this big day for you both.

Go Saints!