Match Reports Round 9 v Knox


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Knox 1.2-8 2.2-14 3.5.-23 6.7-43
North Ringwood 2.1-13 6.5-41 11.5-71 14.6-90

After the break and a couple of disappointing losses we needed to get our season moving against Knox.

In the first half we dominated possessions and inside 50s but lacked a little polish to finish our good work. Our mids were well on top led my Alex Mackinnon, Fenton, vanUnen and Whelan.

We held a solid lead of 27 points at half time.

The second half was of a similar vein bar a period early in the last where Knox took advantage of our lack of intensity for a period to get a few quick goals.

It was great to see Hoegel and Sheppard combine for 8 goals. A few players that have been out of form played much better and our midfield group put together a really strong effort.

We are now 5-4 and take on Balwyn this week. We have never beaten them but we are ready for this challenge and if we are to continue our push towards finials this game is crucial.

Best Players: A. Fenton, A. MacKinnon, J. Vanunen, J. Hoegel, J. Whelan, M. Payne

Goal Kickers: J. Hoegel 5, M. Sheppard 3, A. MacKinnon 2, M. Cullinan, D. Wood, A. Fenton, G. Phelps
Brett Moyle – Senior Coach
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Knox 1.3-9 1.5-11 1.5-11 2.6-18
North Ringwood 3.3-21 5.9-39 8.11-59 13.13-91

On Saturday, we took on we took on Knox away after the Queens Birthday weekend off.
Into the team was Rob Petracca for his first game for the Club, after missing the season to date with an
injury sustained in the pre-season.
Sam Brewer also played his second game this week for the club, after his first game last round –
(which I haven’t mentioned previously). Welcome Sammy. And we also welcomed Mark Griffith back
into the club for his second game for the year also similar to Sammy – welcome back Griff, great to
have you back.
After playing and beating Knox earlier in the season the guys went into the game with a lot of
confidence, however as we spoke about before the game confidence is important, but not be
confused with cockiness – so we needed to really focus to be ON.
We started the game very strong kicking into the breeze. We were able to win the first 3 clearances
through the centre of the ground via good work in the ruck from Jasper, and Rob Petracca, Griff and
Ash getting into the game from the start. We hit the scoreboard early and took control of the contest.
From here, Knox worked  themselves back into the game to their credit and were able create pressure
and contest. We went in at ¼ time up and felt in control of the game, but still had work to do.
Our second quarter with the breeze was ok. We kicked the first and maybe then got a little ahead of
ourselves and all wanted to get on the end of the kick. As such, we kicked 2.6 for the quarter, with a
couple of poor decision when maybe we should have gone team first
We spoke about this at half time and needed to re-focus.
Our second half we went back to playing our team first footy and our conversion and decision making
in front of goal significantly improved. As such we were able to kick 3.2 into the wind to 0.0 in the 3rd
and 5.2 with the wind on the way home.
Our backline was fantastic. Michael Peart was very solid all day. Jake Tyler played his best game for
the season. Bailey Marshall continued his good form and defensively was strong. Mitch Cullen played
another strong game as did Max Cuthbertson and Owen Tozer really got into the contest. Dan Wright
did some really good things and had a strong game, taking a very courageous mark going back with
the flight
Jake Moss was sensational up forward kicking 7 goals! And I felt Prahn gave us a good option up
forward – but missed out on the scoreboard kicking a number of points and maybe 1 or 2 out on the
Overall as a team, it was a good performance. Well done boys. We re-focus now and get ourselves
ready to rock and roll against Balywn next week at home at the Past Player day.

Goal Kickers: J. Moss 7, J. Cullen-Hall, A. Goldsmith, T. Wills, J. Rouget, M. Griffiths, S. Brewer
Best Players: J. Moss, R. Petracca, J. Tyler, M. Griffiths, S. Brewer, T. Wills, J. Rouget, B. Marshall,
L. Braunthal

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach

Under 19s:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Rowville 2.7-19 4.12-36 9.15-69 14.16-100
North Ringwood 0.3-3 1.4-10 2.5-17 2.5-17
 ROUND 9 vs Rowville – MATCH REPORT
Welcome to Round 9 – 2018
This was another difficult week with all our injuries and unavailable players, but we
were determined to ensure we had a game this week.
We managed to get 18 boys and agreed to play 16 a side.
We started the game really well; our boys had clearly come to play and had brought
the pressure/heat that we pride ourselves on.
Mitch Heckley was again setting the tone for us in the middle, with his attack around
the ball and his clearance work was super.
Graham Burnett was also attacking the ball hard and keeping his feet against bigger
opponents, Dan Wright was also holding his wing well often winning in 2 on 1 battles.
We went in at quarter time only 2 goals down and with some real belief – even
undermanned – if we bring the effort and intensity we can compete well against the strong
The 2nd quarter began and we moved some bigger bodies into the middle – Aiden
Glassborow really stamped his authority on the game winning heaps of footy and working
hard through the middle, Jacob Bell also was cracking in and giving us some good forward
Blake Naismith was dominating down back against some big quality forwards and
Lachlan Shield was giving us some good rebound off halfback, Xavier was having his best
game for the club – beating his opponents and using the ball well.
We went into half time only 3 goals down and I was super proud of the boys efforts,
we had lost our captain Nick Payne for the day and Nic Sharkey was struggling through with
injury as well.
The second half Rowville started to get on top of us – we were down to 15 players
against 28 so they had the run and we had no rotations.
Toby Godfrey was thrown into the middle and had a great second half, with his
clearance and pressure around the ball.
Cam Wilczynski playing his first game of football ever, had an awesome first game –
he showed good speed, tackling and was dangerous forward of the ball. Paddy Dunne came
up from the under 17s and showed us what he has to offer, went up for a massive hanger
and wasn’t too far off taking it, I really look forward to watching this kid develop into a
senior player.
Sean Stephens and CJ rucked really well in tandem and Mitch Sproles worked hard
all game. Ultimately, we ran out of legs and players.
We have set ourselves for a massive crack at our last 9 games – I feel we will
start to get some good results, if we can continue to bring the same effort, again I’m really
proud of this group and we get some players back for our next game against Balwyn at
Better Players: A. Glassborow, M. Heckley, B. Naismith, T. Godfrey, X. Finta, L. Shield
Goal Kickers: A. Glassborow 2
Matt Povey – Under 19s Coach.

Match Reports – Round 8 v Doncaster

Jason Sharp leads the team out for his 100th game.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Jones Photography –



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.3-9 3.3-21 4.6-30 4.8-32
Doncaster 3.0-18 7.2-44 11.6-72 17.13-115

We played Doncaster in a big game for the club.

Very early in the game Darcy Harris attacked a ball hard and copped a hard head knock. It was scary for the period that followed and an ambulance came onto the ground to tend to Darcy and he was taken to hospital.  He has a nasty gash to his lip, some stitches and a severe case of concussion which is all not good but we are all glad Darcy is going to be ok after some good rest.

Soon after this Tim Jones ran to the bench holding a dislocated elbow (so he was off to hospital as well) and we had troubles keeping Julian Petracca on the ground with a badly  bloodied broken nose.
Despite this I felt we started well in the contest. We trailed at quarter time but had more scoring shots and with a touch more composure and polish should have led.
The second half of the second quarter hurt us as Doncaster kicked a few late in the quarter to sneak clear at half time.
After half time Fenton and Whelan battled manfully around the ball, Mackinnon tried hard in the ruck and there were spurts of efforts but we fatigued after half time and effort dropped away.
Down on numbers we got run over pretty badly in the last quarter.
The week rest comes at a good time. We have been smashed by injury, particularly to our back half. We have been very unlucky but the ‘poor mes’ gets us nowhere.
We can’t change our injury list for now but it does provide an opportunity for young players and established senior players to grow and go to another level as the level of responsibility rises on them.

Can some of these young guys become regular quality senior players before time? Can the leaders drag a young group with them over the next 3 weeks? The next 3 weeks can shape our season with games against Knox, Balwyn and Noble Park and I’m sure the playing group and the coaching group together will respond.

Best Players: A. Fenton, J. Whelan, H. Decker, A. MacKinnon, M. Sheppard, C. Dunne

Goal Kickers: A. Fenton 2, M. Cullinan, A. Sharp

Brett Moyle – Senior Coach.
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 2.1-13 4.3-27 5.3-33 6.6-42
Doncaster 4.2-26 7.2-44 10.4-64 11.8-74
Best Players: J. Cox, B. Marshall , T. Morgan, J. Rouget, M. Cullen, S. Barnard
Goal Kickers: J. Rouget, B. Morris, S. Brewer, M. Griffiths, S. Barnard, T. Morgan
Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach.
Under 19s:
Unfortunately forfeited due to insufficient players to field a team.

Match Reports Round 7 v South Croydon

Curtis Dunne, Best On Ground, gets clear again.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Jones Photography.



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
South Croydon 4.3-27 10.5-65 15.11-101 19.13-127
North Ringwood 2.1-13 3.2-20 5.3-33 8.3-51

On Saturday we took on the reigning premier on their home patch. We had two debutantes in Jake Moss and Max Dymond.

Our intent early was good. We won the contested situations (6-1 centre clearances) and had 16-11 inside 50s in the first quarter with our mid group of vanUnen, Dunne and Petracca on top and Harris and Joyner starting well in run with roles. However, we were very wasteful across half forward despite Sheppard also starting well and South hurt us on turnover to convert 8 of their 11 entries into scores.

From there we didn’t play well. South hurt us on the outside and punished our turnovers and in the end the last 3 quarters were well away from where we want to be as a footy team.

Whilst it was a very inexperienced team with 7 teenagers and 7 players under 10 games I still expected a better effort than what we got.

The positives were that Marcus Joyner did a great defensive job on King from South Croydon, Van Unen found some touch and most of the young boys in Murfett, Moss and Dymond all showed good signs at times.

This week we have another tough task with Doncaster at home but we are undefeated at home so far this year and want to ensure we keep that record in tact.

Best Players: C. Dunne, M. Joyner, M. Sheppard, J. vanUnen, A. Mackinnon, J. Sharp
Goal Kickers: M. Sheppard 2, M. Cullinan, T. Jones, J. Moss, A. MacKinnon, J. Hoegel, D. Wood


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
South Croydon 5.3-33 11.5-71 17.9-111 23.9-147
North Ringwood 0.1-1 1.2-8 1.3-9 3.5-23

On Saturday, we took on we took on South Croydon away. South Croydon have been extremely
competitive all year and have only dropped the 1 game, so we knew it would be a tough challenge,
however felt we were up to the challenge.
Well done to a couple of the boys getting back into the seniors being Darcy Harris and Jasper Rouget,
and congratulations to Jake Moss and Max Dymond who both got there first opportunity at senior
footy. Well done boys.
Our squad however was depleted with the opportunity in the seniors losing Jake Hollingworth, Luke
Branthual and Brent Morris with injury and sickness.
Was great to get Patty Harris into the team for his first game for the year after injury.
Thanks also to the 3 u/19s boys though came across from the u/19s game at Quambee to give us a
hand. Thanks Jacob Bell, Toby Godfrey, Lachie Shield (the wiggle) and well done lads.
Although numbers were slightly light, we were still very confident with our squad on the park that we
could be successful.
Unfortunately, the game did not go to plan.
I felt the group tried hard in the first quarter, but struggled to create and linkage due to the strong
structure from the opposition. The opposition played some good structural footy and I felt as the game
progressed we became a little flat.
We were able to hit the score board a little more in the last quarter as we opened up some run,
however the damage had already been done.
I thought the Cox boys played some really good footy and tried hard all day. Our backline gave their
all. Mitch Cullen was right in the contest and played well as did Bailey Marshall and Jordan Ursich.
In the middle, Barny was strong in the ruck, Ralphy tried to lift the group and Belly got a good share of
the footy in his second game for the day.
So in short, was a tough day at the office and I think we were either a little off or complacent.
In reflection, I think the yellow footy as a match ball didn’t help and it is a game we put away and use
as a learning.
We take on Doncaster next week at Home. A critical game for us to compete well and give a real
good tilt, so we will beetroot up and be ready to roll.

Best Players: J. Bell, J. Cox, D. Cox, J. Ralph, B. Marshall , S. Barnard
Goal Kickers: J. Cox 2, L. Shield

Paul O’Callaghan – Reserves Coach

Under 19s:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
North Ringwood 1.2-8 2.7-19 8.13-61 14.21-105
Montrose 2.1-13 5.2-32 6.3-39 7.4-46
Goal Kickers: J. Ireland 6, N. Payne 3, D. Wright 2, L. Shield, T. Woodward, N. Sharkey
Best Players: N. Payne, B. Naismith, J. Bell, L. Shield, A. Glassborow, M. Heckley